What’s YOUR Favorite Workout? [Video’s Included]

What’s Your Favorite Workout?


As you age it can be difficult to be excited about the same kind of exercise programs that you have done over your entire life.

Whether it’s too difficult to get to the gym in between your family’s hectic schedule, you’re not feeling as competitive as you used to, or you simply can’t find the inspiration to work out any more, there are a lot of reasons that you may begin to feel lackluster about your current workout schedule.

               A lot of the time when you picture a workout video, what comes to mind are the spandex-heavy dance aerobics popular in the 1980s – not necessarily the most efficient form of exercise.

However, workout videos have changed significantly over the last thirty years, and are now a legitimate option when it comes to fitting a workout into your hectic day. Not only are the videos more effective, but there is also a wider variety of videos to choose from – you are able to select an instructor, time limit, form of exercise and difficulty level that is exactly the right fit for you.

Here are some popular workout videos and hosts across a variety of workout routines that may become your new favorite way to exercise! Let me us know by leaving a comment down below!

Video 1: Danny’s Workout – Zumba

               Zumba is a workout craze that has taken gyms across the world by storm over the last few years. However, because of how intense the dancing is, many people feel uncomfortable participating in this style of class in public.

Having the option to do this kind of exercise in the privacy of your home is a great way to get the same calorie burn and intensity without worrying about your coordination in front of others!

               Danny’s style of instruction is not as involved as others, which in this kind of exercise (several repetitive, high-paced movements) may be more appealing to those who don’t like to hear a constant voice-over while exercising.

It may take a few tries before you are dancing along perfectly with the others in this class, but even when you are tripping over your feet learning the steps, you are still guaranteed a lot of fun while working up a sweat.

Video 2: Coach Nicole – Resistance Band

               Coach Nicole is a fitness expert from the popular food tracking website sparkpeople.com. Her approach to exercise is one that resonates with many – instead of filming long workout sessions that target the whole body, Coach Nicole instead focuses on a single kind of exercise or target body area per video.

The videos are rarely longer than fifteen minutes, allowing you to select the videos in whatever combination works best for you.

               The videos are not as high-budget as many of the others available online, but the quality of instruction is in a league of its own. Nicole walks you through each new exercise clearly with excellent demonstrations, and also provides instruction about exercise equipment that you may not be familiar with (such as the resistance bands featured in this video).

In addition, Nicole makes a very relatable coach – she does not seem out-of-touch with her audience and gives thorough explanations of everything that she is doing.

Video 3: Jessica Smith – Indoor Jogging

               Cardio is one of the hardest forms of exercise to get without either exercising outdoors or investing in expensive equipment.

For many, the idea of exercising outside is daunting and may be impossible if you have responsibilities (such as young children) that require you to stay at home.

Exercise videos such as this indoor jogging video give you a great calorie burn and cardiovascular workout, and the only equipment that you need is some empty floor space!

               Jessica is an excellent instructor to have for this kind of exercise. While she is peppy, she is not overly so, and she completes all of the exercises along with you. 

Instead of sticking to just jogging, she varies the exercises consistently throughout the video, preventing you from becoming bored at any time during the forty minute workout. She provides instruction when necessary, but her focus is on getting your heart rate pumping, not on introducing new or complex exercises.

Video 4: Erin Motz – Yoga [Flexibility]

               While it is easy to find any number of yoga videos on Youtube, it can be difficult to find a yoga instructor that balances the need for instruction with the silence necessary for the mindfulness aspect of yoga.

Erin Motz manages to find this balance – giving instructions for each pose clearly and succinctly, with a focus on listening to your body and progressing at your own level and speed.

               Many of the videos available on her channel offer opportunities for flexibility or strength training targeting specific muscle groups in a flow shorter than those that you may experience in a studio setting.

This makes her videos a great choice when you are just hoping to fit in a quick workout between commitments, and allows you to combine a selection of your favorite videos for a longer workout.

Video 5 and 6: Fitness Blender – 20 minute Total Body Active Static Workout; Balance and Toning for Beginners



               Fitness Blender has an amazing selection of videos – so many that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to include two of their enormous selection. In the 20 minute total body active static workout, you are led through a program consisting of several bodyweight exercises intended to work your whole body.

There is a special focus on proper form in this video, and it makes excellent use of different camera angles to ensure you understand how you should be performing each exercise. A smaller video clip insert lets you prepare for the next exercise on the schedule, so you are never caught off-guard.

               The second video we’ve included from Fitness Blender is one focused on balance and toning. Again, the minimalist set keeps the focus of your workout where it should be – on your technique and form.

Because this video is specific for beginners, each exercise is modelled once before you are expected to join in. In addition, even the simplest exercises are broken down into easy directions, and you are given plenty of verbal support and encouragement as you make your way through the workout.


What’s YOUR Favorite Workout?

               Workout videos have come a long way over the last few decades. Whether you enjoy the channels listed here, or take some time to hunt down a different favourite workout program, you are guaranteed to find an online video that will help you to kickstart, maintain, or supplement your existing workout habits.

Although we did not include any examples of them in this article, exercise videos online can also be a great way to learn complex new skills specific to a sport or activity!

               Once you find an instructor you love, with a teaching style that works for you and a workout program that hits all your areas of need, you become essentially unstoppable!

Thanks to wireless and mobile internet, having exercise videos available online means that you will be able to fit in your favorite workout no matter where you find yourself or how large your window of spare time is.

So, What’s YOUR Favorite Workout?

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