10 Ways to Slow Aging, Feel AND Look Younger Than Ever


Humans are living longer than ever before and they say that the first person to live to 150 has already been born. Interestingly enough, many people are practicing diets and lifestyles that are far less healthy than what their grandparents practiced. These days, we are split between those who won’t live very long, and those who will live an extended period of time.

It all comes down to living a healthy lifestyle and stopping, or slowing, the aging process. We are not talking about plastic surgeries here, or medication to make you younger. No, we are talking about ways to slow the aging process through natural means.


Here is how.


There is literally nothing better you can do for your body than exercise. When you exercise, you are doing what your body evolved to do. Think of our species, 100,000 years ago, chasing after game on the African continent. We evolved to run long distances, to eat high fat diets but have a great deal of exercise at the same time. We still eat high fat diets, but we don’t exercise and that creates the obesity epidemic sweeping through the Western World today.

Exercise slows the aging process by keeping the body healthy and fit. It keeps the organs running smoothly and efficiently. It keeps you young, healthy and confident.

1. SWAP Long Steady cardio for HIIT or HIRT workouts

Instead of running for miles and damaging your bones and skeletal structure from running on pavement, you should look at swapping cardio for high intensity interval training or high intensity resistance training. An excellent way to do this is with high-intensity interval training which varies between short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods of exercise. Each session lasts between four and 30 minutes and doing HIIT will improve the capacity for your athletic prowess and abilities, and improve your metabolism while helping with fat burning.

You should also keep away from doing a long steady cardio because while it does burn fat, it is not doing so in a manner that is going to help you lose a lot of weight. It is going to take a long time to do so because it is burning more relative fat but only a small amount of it. You’ll end up doing yourself more damage than good in the long run.

Instead of spending 45 minutes on a treadmill, what you should be doing is doing some bodyweight exercises, even just a few push-ups whenever you can, some free weight lifting and some suspension training. You don’t need expensive equipment to do this, you can do it with things around the house, and you can lose a lot of weight, get healthy and slow the aging process.

2.  Improve Posture

You may not think that improving your posture can slow the aging process, but it can. As you age, those years spent slouching are going to catch up with you. If you are bending your spine, and you have bad posture, it puts more pressure on areas of your body that do not need that pressure. That in turn causes you to lose bone mass in those areas much faster. This in turn can cause you to age faster. Having good posture can also strengthen your body and it requires small amounts of exercise to keep that body upright and strong, which then helps you lose weight. A great way to lose weight is through yoga, which can really help slow the aging process for you.

3.  Play Sports

Want to exercise and have fun? Then start playing sports. When you play sports, you are having fun and that is releasing endorphins into your body. Endorphins make you feel good, and they help make you happier. You may not believe it, but being happier can actually slow the aging process down greatly for you.

Playing sports also helps you feel like part of a team, it makes you more confident and it gives you that exercise that is needed. Just don’t play sports that are too intensive, or you could do more harm than good. Playing tackle football can give you exercise and fun, but it can also destroy your joints.

4. Proper exercise

Having proper exercise form and technique is important. If you are not exercising properly, you are doing your body more harm than good. You may be putting pressure on areas that shouldn’t have pressure. You may be pushing your body past where it should be. That isn’t going to help you, it is going to hurt you. This is why having a personal trainer can be so good, or someone to exercise with. They will help you do the proper exercises without hurting yourself or your ability to slow the aging process.

You can also invest in some high quality programs from the best fitness professionals in the world. Define your goal, choose your program and take action.

5. Always warming up

You warm up before you exercise, how about treating your entire day like it is warming up for exercise? If you are always warming up, you are always walking a bit faster, you are always choosing the stairs instead of the elevator. You are always thinking about how the small things can help you lose weight in the long run. That in turn helps you slow the aging process.

6 & 7. Nutrition

The food you eat has a huge impact on the aging process. It is incredibly important that you eat proper foods that are low in trans-fat, low in processed ingredients, low in salt and low in sugar. The food you eat can take a toll on your body and cause you to age much faster.

First of all, cut out sugar. By ditching sugar, you can look 10 to 20 years younger. In one study, 16 volunteers were given a high-fructose diet and in just 10 weeks, they had new fat cells around their heart, liver and digestive organs. High fructose diets causes your body to increase insulin, which is another factor in aging and causing the body to age too fast.

Second, you need to cut out wheat products. These products cause you to hold onto those fat cells, which then causes you to age prematurely. Cut out wheat, and have a more natural diet of fruits, vegetables and real foods.

Mindset and motivation

It is not all about exercise and eating right. Those are good things for the body, but what about the mind and soul? You need to keep that healthy and young, and that is where a different sort of exercise comes in.

If you are a depressed individual who only sees the bad around you, you are going to age faster. Happier people tend to live longer because they are not bringing their mind and body down to a dark place. It may seem odd, but it is true.

8. Meditate

In an article published through CNN.com, a study of 58 women who had blood samples taken showed a strong link between meditation and aging. In the study, the women were divided into two groups. Stressed mothers were in one group, while a control group was in another. The results found that the more stressed the mothers were, the greater the aging and cell death in their bodies. For many, it translated into an extra decade of aging.

9. Recovery time

Working out is important, as we have mentioned, but you need time to let your mind recover. It can be very intensive to do all that working out, and if you don’t give yourself a break, it can really start to damage your body and soul. This is why you need to take recovery time for yourself between reps, sets AND workouts. Calm your body and your mind, relax, and be at ease.

10. Good sleep

Humans need sleep but we are denying ourselves sleep at an increasing rate. Most people need roughly eight hours of sleep a night, and if you don’t get that, you are going to age much faster. Numerous studies have been done that show a strong link between a lack of sleep and premature aging. Napping is good too because it helps you catch up on your sleep, while improving your cognitive capabilities and your cardiovascular system.

Get some sleep, it does more for anti-aging than any medical procedure ever could.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to change your habits so that you can begin to work at reversing the aging process. You do not need chemicals, or surgery, or medications to keep from aging. What you need is to take a few steps to reverse the aging process by doing things that we mentioned here. These are things like exercising but exercising the right way, not the wrong way. You need to eat healthy, eliminating things like sugar, fat, salt and wheat, so that you are not damaging your body’s internal organs by what you eat. You need to meditate, to slow down and relax, and to get a good night’s sleep.

You need to do all of these things and the best part is that when you do them, you will feel better and happier, and you won’t have wasted money on medical treatments that are iffy at best for results.

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