Craig Ballantyne TT Home Workout Revolution Review

[Video] 12 Minute (No Equipment) Workout

Craig Ballantyne TT Home Workout Revolution Review

Craig Ballantyne TT Home Workout Revolution

 Home Workout Revolution

Free 12 Minute Workout Video – No Equipment Needed

It’s all well and good having a gym membership but if you;

A)     Don’t know what you’re doing


B)      Don’t go

Then paying for a gym membership is pointless.

Let me tell you a little secret (or two!)

Back when I worked in a corporate gym here in London, I used to have to walk the floor, speak to people and see how they were getting on.

Time and time again, people would approach me and ask me what they should do to ‘get rid of their belly fat’, or ‘tone up their legs’ – Me being me I didn’t mind standing there and helping/showing people how they could achieve more from their workouts.

Very rarely did I try to sell something – this of course used to annoy my line manager.

But it proved to me that a lot of the people that walked into the gym had no clue as to what to do to get results.

The second thing I want to speak to you about is people wasting money on gym memberships.

Our gym had (at the time of me working there) 5000 paying members – 3000 of which used the gym regularly. So that’s 2000 members that are paying for something they are not using!

If someone asked you to stump up money for a TV subscription, would you pay?

If someone asked you pay for a phone line you didn’t use, would you pay?

No and No!

So why is it people flock to their local health clubs, pay for memberships, turn up once or twice and then never turn up again?

Well if I’m honest there’s a few answers, and If I was to delve into the exact reasons I’d probably be here till next year writing about it.

But what I can say is you don’t need a gym membership to get results. You don’t even need a personal trainer if you know what you’re doing and you’re highly self motivated.

I’ll say that again;

You do not need to spend money on gym memberships or expensive equipment to get results.  

If there’s one thing I love – its bodyweight workouts.

I can do them in my bedroom, my hotel room, in the garden, the park the street if I really want to (although I wouldn’t advise it!) – If I really wanted to I could do bodyweight workouts in my Nan’s house, and she’s got a load of antiques – maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea either but you get the point.

What I am trying to say is you can perform bodyweight workouts almost anywhere in the world.

Your body is a gym – if you know how to use it properly

My friend Craig Ballantyne (creator of Turbulence Training) has just released his brand new home workout program – Home Workout Revolution.

Home Workout Revolution is a program that is packed full of workout videos for you to follow along. The best thing about the Home Workout Revolution you can complete the workout in just 16 minutes, 12 minutes, 8 minutes or even 4 minutes of exercise.

You can go and check out one of his workouts out in this video;

The 12 Minute (No Equipment) Workout

Check it out, and let me know what you think! It’s guaranteed not only to having you sweating buckets but to having you burning fat long after you finish working out.

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