Metabolic Resistance Training With a Twist


Turbulence Training MRT 2.0

Turbulence Training MRT 2.0

Turbulence Training MRT 2.0 Review

It’s no secret, MRT– or metabolic resistance training is something you should be in the know about when it comes to fat loss. Many see Craig Ballantyne as the creator behind MRT with his MRT 2.0 program, but as you will see below, metabolic resistance is something that has been around for some time, and has been used by various fitness professionals for years.

What is Metabolic Resistance Training?

Metabolic Resistance Training is training with resistance (bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells etc.) with an elevated heart rate coupled with minimal rest periods.

MRT is usually performed in one of two ways;

A)     Supersets

B)      Circuits


When training in a superset fashion, you train two different muscle groups one after another with no rest. Supersets are usually performed in one of two ways;

A)     A push exercise

…followed by

B)      Pull exercise

Another way supersets can be done is by working two non-competing muscle groups. One upper body exercise and one lower body exercise.


A circuit is a series of 3 or more exercises performed one after another with minimal rest time in-between each exercise. You would then repeat this circuit. An example of a circuit workout would be choosing; one upper body exercise, one lower body exercise, one whole body exercise and one abdominal exercise. Perform each of these exercises for 20 seconds with no rest between, then repeat this circuit 2 more times.

Turbulence Training MRT 2.0

A few years back, Craig released his first version of Turbulence Training MRT. This edition was a huge hit with regular guys and girls from around the world. TT MRT was so successful because it gave you the chance to achieve the same – if not better results in less time.

This time round, with MRT 2.0 Craig has managed to make the workouts even more effective by ‘playing’ around with the tempo of the reps, using a squeezing technique and even adding more MRT exercises to the program.

The great thing about Craig’s workouts is the fact he doesn’t teach long boring cardio – something I have never been a believer on. You see long boring cardio doesn’t burn anywhere near as much fat as metabolic resistance training does.

Being a personal trainer myself, I only like to follow sound advice, and Craig is one of the few people who I sit down and listen to when he talks. He knows his stuff – period.

Whether you’re looking to start exercising, or you’ve been exercising for a sometime Turbulence Training MRT 2.0 will be a great addition to your workout arsenal.

(If you have any questions on Turbulence Training MRT 2.0 then please drop a message below in the comment section and I’ll answer typically within 48 hours.)

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