Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review

Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review

Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Although most of us really try hard to eat foods that are healthy, there are hidden secrets about food that we just are not aware of. This makes it even harder to make choices that actually help us to burn fat and get good amounts of vitamins from natural sources. Nick Pineault has published a program that explains what foods to eat to burn stubborn fat, and why. He says he has everything that you need to know about food in an easy-to-access format, making healthy food decisions easier. So, in this review I am going to see how many of Nick’s claims are true.

Nick Pineault – The Guy Behind Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Before that, I wanted to find out a little more about the guy behind the product. Nick Pineault is a man who is completely obsessed with finding out the truths about food. While this program began as his own quest for that truth to make sure that he was eating foods that are actually good for him, he has invested over seven years researching high and low, from blogs to research reports. He has checked and cross-checked his information, kept track of all of his sources, and has a list of over 500 research sources from which he pieced together this information – pretty impressive I say! 

Nick admits that he is not a nutritionist, but he has a background in Communications and journalism. His journalistic interests and drive gave him the ability to be able to conduct the years’ worth of research necessary to compile everything together in easy-to-read books that are packed full of facts and even tell you how to tell if you are getting what you pay for. He identifies mainstream media’s lies and myths and replaces them with his discoveries about food and how it works in our bodies.

I have written about how mainstream media have lied to us in the past so I can defiantly relate with this. 

If I’m being honest, from the initial research I conducted on Nick, he came across as a very passionate person – but being passionate about something, and pouring that into a product (especially when nutrition isn’t your background) doesn’t mean Truth About Fat Burning Foods packs the right ingredients….

That being said however, to give you the best possible advice he has co-written the program with nutrition expert Shaun Hadsall.

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

We all want to be fit and healthy, no matter how low our motivation may be at any time, we ALL want to feel better and be the best person we can possibly be. We all want to be able to eat without feeling sluggish, hungry, tired, or sick.  In The Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Nick claims that you will learn how most of the healthy foods and diet foods that you have in your home are actually making your body hold onto fat stores, or making them worse. To have a great body that is healthy and fit, and to feel better every day, you have to get rid of foods that do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve – fat loss as opposed to fat gain! You need to learn to eat fat burning foods that are natural, not filled with harmful hormones or fake sugars, and many other problem causing ingredients.

With mainstream media claiming all sorts on nutrition these days it’s easy to see why it’s such a confusing topic.

Nick Perrault has gathered all of his research and findings and put all of this together in his program, which includes the truth about protein, fat, and carbs; condiments, snacks and seasonings; and drinks. As a bonus, Nick gives you even more about the ‘real truths’ behind superfoods, your grocery cart, supplements, and you get the-4 step Diet Makeover to guide you in making good decisions.

As I have mentioned before here on FLC, nutrition is such an inter-winding topic, that even the most laid back person would find themselves eating their left shoe after a while! My first impression about the content of the program is that it is laid out in such a way where this confusion is defiantly minimized.

What you get with Truth About Fat Burning Foods

As with all fat loss programs it’s the content that matters, it doesn’t matter how well laid out it is, or even it’s been written by a guy who has 50 years’ experience in the industry. What does matter however, is the content that’s actually inside these programs that counts. So below I have listed out each PDF you will receive on downloading The Truth About Fat Burning foods, and I have written a short review on each one.

Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs

Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs

The Truth About Protein, Fat, and Carbs

This guide is very helpful is knowing what proteins, fats, and carbs to avoid and what to switch to for a body that burns fat on its own naturally. Like Nick states on his sales page, it’s defiantly not some listed fact based PDF. It’s actually an interesting read full of amazing information. It is full of important information on nutrition that you should not be without. With this guide, you learn to avoid foods that you think are healthy, but are actually making you fat and instead start eating the foods that have a great flavor and amazing fat burning potential.

The Truth About Condiments, Snacks, and Seasonings

One thing I’ve had to do in the past and I still do somewhat these days is try and hide the flavors of bland foods, and of course adding loads of different seasonings and sauces makes it extra hard to burn fat. The Condiments, Snacks and Seasonings guide allows you to avoid this by replacing those Condiments, Snacks and Seasonings that are fattening and instead use the ones that are good for you, you can have both great tasting foods and increase your metabolism so that fat melts away. It even tells you what kinds of snacks to eat, at any time, to burn even more fat.

The Truth About Drinks

Truth About Drinks

Truth About Drinks

Only a few months ago I had the ‘diet drinks ain’t good for ya’ talk with my landlord. I kept seeing him with bottles and bottles of fizzy ‘diet’ drinks. I showed him an article I wrote a few years back explaining why ‘diet drinks’ are more often than not more dangerous to our bodies than the normal (if that’s what you call them) fizzy drinks. After a few weeks I saw the amount of bottles he bought decrease one by one. If you are reading this, then you may also be like my landlord. You may have been told these so called diet drinks help you. You may think that they can’t make you hold or gain weight. Unfortunately, this is one of those myths of the mainstream media. This guide tells you what drinks to avoid, why you must avoid them, and what to drink instead. The great tasting drinks that are listed here as substitutes will burn fat – a great part of program in my opinion.

And, you get free bonuses!

In these bonus guides, Nick shows you which superfoods are good for you and which really are not, how to get natural fat burning foods into your grocery cart, the real truth about supplements, and you also get a 4-Step Diet Makeover.

Personally I think the whole ‘4-Step Diet Makeover’ marketing idea was a bit of a long shot though. Yes, I am a fitness professional and I know a lot of the tricks used in marketing health and fitness however please do not believe that just because it says ‘4-Step Diet Makeover’ it means you can follow 4 easy steps to lose fat – make no mistake, losing weight and burning fat takes hard work and a lot of dedication.

The Truth About Superfoods

How do you know for sure if what you see, hear, and read is true without details to back up the claims? I’ve seen countless number of articles claiming one thing and then seeing another article say the exact opposite – big news corporations are notorious for this. This section of the Truth About Fat Burning Food program does well in explaining the truth behind a lot of superfoods. Great reference point whenever you’re struggling for ideas.

The Truth About Your Grocery Cart

Truth About Your Grocery Cart

Truth About Your Grocery Cart

Grocery stores are certainly not the place to learn about what is good for you, yet they advertise products as being healthy without knowing what really is healthy. With all of the information floating around about what is good for you, it can be very hard to really know what to buy and what to avoid.

I think this PDF is a good addition to the program as it does clear up a few questions you may have. If you’re someone who keeps up to date on the latest nutrition news then there shouldn’t be much in this PDF that you wouldn’t already know. However if you’re new to nutrition (and nutrition marketing) then you’ll probably learn a few new things about the way grocery stores operate.

The Truth About Supplements

Truth About Supplements

Truth About Supplements

Supplements are another product that people trust and feel must be good for them because they are sold in places like health food stores and pharmacies. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is not well regulated and there have been far too many products that cause harm rather than helping people. There are reports of heart attacks from stimulants, protein powders with filler ingredients that you just don’t need or want, and chemicals that we are not meant to ingest.

I remember a time when I would buy those chocolate protein bars. Now I know that those ‘health supplement bars’ were a massive scam. I still can’t help myself but laugh when I walk past a protein bar that says ‘No added hydrogenated fat’.

I think if this PDF achieves one thing, and one thing only then it has passed the FLC product test! That one thing is; changing people’s perceptions on what are good supplements and what aren’t.

4-Step Diet Makeover

Although I didn’t like the original name of this this part of the program I do have to admit that it does have a lot of solid content to it. That’s not down to Nick’s vast experience but rather down to the vast experience of others. And in a positive way, that’s a great thing.

Not only do you have the opinions of someone who has conducted a lot of research but you also get the added information from those who have years of experience –in-fact I’ve been toying with the idea of publishing a book full of information from experts all over the world myself and this PDF follows a similar route.


Truth About Fat Burning Foods Package

Overall Thoughts….

Over-all I think The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a good program – not over the moon mind blowing, but good. He does reveal some great information surrounding some confusing nutrition topics and he does a fantastic job in presenting it all in an easy to read and digest format.

However, I don’t like the small cringy (albeit minimal compared to others) marketing techniques Nick uses on the sales page. Also the program doesn’t go into real detail on catering for everyone as some people prefer to have a strict regime ‘diet’ to adhere to.

That being said though, the best positive for this program for me is the way in which Nick has gone into so much detail on clearing up a few confusing areas within the nutrition industry. It defiantly gives you a good referencing point when creating new meal ideas or replacing good foods with bad ones.

Nick fully admits to not being a top food expert but rather someone who has researched a lot of data and information. I didn’t think I’d come to the conclusion I have, but I think his background in journalism really gives you another view of nutrition in a good way. You see, normally you will buy a nutrition program from an expert in the field of nutrition, who has numerous years of experience. When you download their program you normally buy their idea. Their idea of what you should be doing as opposed to what you could be doing.

What a lot of people don’t realize is burning fat can be achieved in many ways – and what Nick brings to the table is another way to burn fat.

If you are serious about buying Nicks Truth About Fat Burning Foods, then I suggest you read through the whole program and then make small changes to your diet as you go along.

Being fit and healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of life, and I think Truth About Fat Burning Foods defiantly allows us to explore the fact nutrition isn’t just black and white.

 You can download Truth About Fat Burning Foods here

Take Care, Stay Focused!


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