Your Eating More Trans Fat Than You Think

Another week going strong here in London! The summer programme has finally finished, with all the kids going away with a massive smile on their faces last Friday. That makes me happy ūüėÄ

It was a MASSIVE success, reaching record numbers on the project. 

I truly believe that in order to keep our children healthy throughout their whole lives, it has to start NOW. Trying to get them to¬†start¬†being active when they’re in their late teens is seriously difficult. You’ve got to battle all sorts of things like, confidence problems, motivation and even health problems.¬†

We cater for those young people as well and I can tell you it is A LOT more difficult to engage a 19 year old girl on a sports session than it is to do the same for a girl 10 years her junior. 

If we educate our kids today,¬†the chances of them seeking out and continuing their ‘education’ into their own health and well-being as they get older increases dramatically.¬†

Today I bring you a quick round up of some trending news articles around the web. Have any questions? Let me know!

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Must You Calorie Count To See Fat Loss Results?

Short and too the point post here from ‘TheCaymenReporter’ – Not a revolutionary post but it may actually send a trigger off in your mind about fat loss and calorie counting.¬†

See what I mean here


What Sugar Does To Your Body

I’ve spoken about sugar and it’s dangers here on the blog numerous times before.¬†Here gives us a basic looking inforgraphic BUT get’s all the main points across.¬†

Here’s the¬†info-graphic¬†from the Prevention website

You can also check it out here 


Your Eating More Trans Fat Than You Think

Here in England we are still yet to catch up with the times. It is not required by law for food labels to provide how much trans fat is inside the food you’re buying. Shocking I know. But I imagine we’ll catch up sometime in the next few years!

That said, there are a few labels that are starting to voluntarily provide this information BUT as this article from suggests we may be eating more trans fat than we think. 

See the article here


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