Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises – (Whole Body Bodyweight Exercises)

Whole Body Bodyweight Exercises

5 LOWER Body BODYWEIGHT EXERCISESHere are 5 whole body bodyweight exercises – part of my ‘Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises’ post. These exercises will work the whole body. They are perfect for bodyweight cardio sessions.

Total Body Extensions

Start down bending over, and as you come up you finish on your tip toes.

So start with feet shoulder width apart. Now bend your knees as if you were doing a squat with your arms down by your side.

As you come up you push yourself up on to your tip toes, throw your hands above your head.

And sing YMCA…

Well that last bit maybe not but here’s a video to explain it a little better than I have

Plyometric Push up

This is another push up variation (told you there was a lot of ‘em!)

Perform a standard push on the downward phase, but as you come up push your arms off the floor. This is one of the explosive push up variations that will have you gasping for breath in a few reps!

Note: Explosive??? Yeah Explosive! ……But not like kabooooom explosive


I used to hate these when I did Karate as a kid!

Start in a standing position, put your hands on the floor and put your legs out into a push up position. Then bring your legs back in and stand back up and jump vertically.

Jumping Jacks

Start in a standing position with your hands down by your side – they used to call this standing like a pencil in school…I’ve never really understood how a pencil had arms and legs…


At the same time, both feet must jump out to the side while your hands are brought above your head, then to finish the rep, bring your legs back together and bring your arms back to your side.

Low Gravity Shuffles

Low Gravity Shuffles Running LineThis one you’ll very rarely hear about – call it exclusive to the FLC blog 😉

I’ve even made a diagram for ya below…cuz I’m nice like that. You will probably need a bigger space than your bedroom or front room – the garden would be perfect.

Spread your legs more than shoulder width apart and bend your knees – giving you a low abs bodyweight exercisescentre of gravity. Now make your way through the slalom like the one shown below.

I use cones for this exercise, but you can use anything soft and big enough to see. Heck you could use a couple of stones if you really wanted to. You just need something that you can make you way around safely.

“You Are Your Own Gym”

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