Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises – (Lower Body Bodyweight Exercises)

Lower Body Bodyweight Exercises

Here are 5 lower body bodyweight exercises – part of my ‘Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises’ post.

Top 5 Upper Body Exercises

These exercises will primarily work the lower body, but of course other muscles will be used to stabalise.

Prisoner Squats

Like with push ups, there are various different variations to the bodyweight squat. This one you might have seen in those prison movies.

Spread legs out – more than shoulder width apart. Turn toes outwards. Now with your hands behind your head lower yourself down. Make sure to keep your back straight and don’t go so far down where your legs start to bend in. You need to keep your legs in the same position you started in.

Note: Before performing any squat, you must push your hips backwards before you bend your knees. Doing this reduces the amount of stress you put on the knee joint.

Second note: To do this push you bum backwards a little. It more commonly known as a ‘ducks-bum’ 😉

Side Lunges

If you struggle with keeping your balance then don’t try this exercise just yet. Concentrate on the squat exercises.

To do this exercise, one foot must be facing forward, while the other foot faces outwards. Put your feet together – they should make an ‘L’ shape. Now with the foot that is facing outwards step out to the side. 5 foot lengths should be enough.

In this position bend the knee of the foot you have just lunged out. Again make sure your back is straight, and your bum is pushed out slightly.

Wall Squats

With your back up against the wall, bring your feet about 3 foot lengths out from the wall. Now bend your knees and perform the squat.

Bulgarian Squat

To perform this variation of the squat grab a chair and place it behind you (with the seat part facing you). Now place the laces of your foot on the chair and put your other leg out on the floor. You should be balancing on one leg, with the other leg on the chair.

Now push your bum out (as you would with the other squats) and lower your self down by bending the knee of the foot that is on the floor, then in a controlled manner bring yourself back up to the start position.5 Whole Body Bodyweight Exercises

Calf Raises

Standing with your feet together OR wide apart, bring yourself up onto your tip toes and then back down again. Remember you can make this harder by not letting your heels touch the floor between reps.

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