8 Ultimate Tips For Eating Healthy When Eating Out

8 Tips For Eating Healthy When Eating Out

Now and again everyone loves to eat out. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s with the family, friends or with work colleagues we all dine out sometimes.

Now keeping to a diet can be particularly hard, especially if you don’t have the option of choosing where you’re eating!

When I’m going through a strict diet regime myself (just before summer normally!), I often have to stick to some rules, and make some hard choices.

Yes, it can be a bit annoying when everyone else is tucking into whatever they want, and I’m a bit more fussy, but listen, I know I will feel much better in myself at the end of the meal, and I’m the one who will be feeling confident in myself this summer!

So I’ve written some simple rules to follow when dining out. Make them as strict as you want, it’s your body, and you will know how guilty or proud you feel when you’ve finished!

Eating Out Tip # 1: Limit the starters or appetizers

Most places these days offer starters or appetizers before you have your main course. You are trying to lose weight, and that means smaller portions. Starters re normally bread rolls, although some offer salad, so be sensible!

Eating Out Tip # 3: Don’t be influenced by others

Just because other people are going for unhealthy options, doesn’t mean you have to! Remember this is your body. Go with what you want to eat, and more importantly what your body needs.

Eating Out Tip # 3: See the menu before you eat

This is a massive point a lot of people don’t seem to think about. Most places have (or should have) a website.

Choose what you are going to eat before you get there, so you can’t be swayed into another decision, and you’re not rushed into choosing and unhealthy option once you have sat down!

Eating Out Tip # 4: Try to avoid ‘All You Can Eat’

Now I know these places can be great! Their great if there’s a lot of you dining out, and great for your pocket! Yet, once you have sat down to eat you will find it almost impossible to stick to one meal! So try and avoid them if you can!

Eating Out Tip # 5: Limited the amount of alcohol you drink

Now I am not going to say avoid alcohol completely, that would unfair! But, be very carful how much you drink. Alcohol can contain a massive 7 calories per gram!

Eating Out Tip # 6: Avoid the chocolate pudding for desert!

Now this one is hard! Everyone is sitting there ordering their chocolate this and chocolate that and you’re really tempted! Don’t be influenced! Fruit salads are just as nice!

Eating Out Tip # 7: Eat Two Courses

Just because the restaurant offers 3 or more courses doesn’t mean you have to eat them! As a rule of thumb I would stick to 2 courses.

Whether it’s a salad starter and main meal, or a main meal and desert, is entirely up to you, but try and stay to just 2 courses.

Eating Out Tip # 8: Pre-Eat-Out Workout

Yep, I’ve just made that name up!

This is something that has helped tremendously with my own motivation. If you can, try get a 10-20 minute high intensity workout in before you go out (leave enough time for a shower too!).

This will prime your body and you won’t feel so guilty too. If you’re at home, then try any of these bodyweight workouts and you’ll be good to go!

Diet Free Weekend Sound Interesting?

I know this can be pretty hard to stick to, but like I’ve said already, you can make these rules as strict as you want. It all depends on where you have decided to eat out!

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Based on a hormonal approach as opposed to a daily calorie counting diet, Diet Free Weekend’s can help you lose weight and STILL enjoy your favourite foods at the weekend.

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