The Truth About McDonald’s….& Why you want to avoid ’em at all costs!

It’s no secret fast food restaurants, and in particular Mcdonalds is bad for you.

It is widely known living on a fast food diet will rapidly increase your chances of becoming obese, and not to mention all the heart problems and fatty oils you’re are putting in your body.

If you want to rapidly send your body down the fast fat loss route then McDonalds is something you defiantly want to stay away from.

Fast food restaurants are trying to shake off the bad reputation, and unfortunately people are falling for these clever marketing tricks, the same kind of tricks big name brands in the fizzy drink industry are doing.

Some times it’s not what they put in their food, but it’s actually the way in which they cook it that can be harmful. For starters most of the foods the big fat food chains use are processed; in-fact McDonald’s fries are made in factories, frozen and then processed.

We then consume the oil these fries are cooked, which are extremely harmful to our bodies and extremely fatty.

Trans fats (the fats we should avoid at all costs) are present in fries, and it is recommended you should not consume more the 2 grams a day (I think this should be less!) yet when you sit down to tuck into your French fries you could be putting around 4-7 grams in your body.

I have listed some interesting facts below about fast food and McDonalds, some of them even surprised me!

  1. As time passes food decays, this is a natural process. A woman by the name of Karen Hanrahan however, popped into her local McDonalds in 1996 bought a meal, but decided to ‘hold on’ to the burger. 14 to 15 years later this same burger still looks exactly the same as it did in 1996. So how much of this burger was actually food?
  2. It has been thought that because of high salt, fat and sugar levels your dog’s food may actually be healthier!
  3. Remember that guy from Super Size Me? Morgan Spurlock? Yeah that’s the one who lived on McDonalds for a month. Well, after consuming it for more than 30 days, his girlfriend commented how he was suffering from erectile dysfunction. Harsh but true!
  4. Those that eat McDonalds more than once a week are classed as heavy users…..and that’s the words of McDonalds, no-one else!
  5. Scientists have found junk food can be more addictive than drugs

With 17% (just over 1/5) of 2-19 year olds are obese in America, with Britain following closely behind, we need to change the way we eat. If we don’t, this statistic will only rise, causing more health problems.

You may have seen the video I have provided below before, but I think it will go well with what we have talked about!

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