The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial (Video)

Hey Ho!!
How’s it going?

We’ve got some lovely weather here in England at the minute; working with some great people in this weather just makes me love my job even more!

Just finished a session in a local primary school down the road – today we went through how to read food labels.

Pretty basic lesson as the children are only 9 years old – but I think if we are to decrease the obesity rate in western world, educating are kids is a vital step.

Speaking of food labels, I wrote a post last week that went into a lotmore detail here. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the post!

On to today…….

I was on Facebook yesterday, having a butch…..

(butchers hook is cockney rhyming slang for look!)

And a family member from Ireland had posted a link about Coca – Cola.

I think it’s worth having look, some of you may have seen it – some of you may not. But if you’re interested either way the video’s below

It’s a short video that won’t take up too much of your time!

I’ll be back on Friday with Fat Loss Classroom’s 2nd Edition Weekend Reading List – so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m off to do another session at another school, so make sure you have a great day where ever you are in the world!

Take Care, Keep Focused – and start fighting back!

Your Coach,

Certified Fitness Coach

PS – I wrote a short post on fizzy drinks a while back, and this video sums it up really well. Watch the video and let me know what you think,

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