The E-Factor Diet Review: John Rowley’s FACT or FICTION?

…This is a E-Factor Diet Review. A program created by John Rowley that addresses 3 core areas of your diet. E-Factor Diet ReviewIf you’re are interested in reading more about John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet then keep reading. If however you’re looking for the E-Factor Diet homepage – you can find that here.


The problem with 99% of ‘diet’ plans for weight loss is that they assume a one size fits all. They don’t take into account your;

  1. Bodies response to certain foods
  2. Age
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Overall weight loss / fat loss goal
  5. Metabolic rate
  6. Current situation
  7. Levels of sleep
  8. Bacteria in the gut
  9. Exercise schedule
  10. Intensity of exercise

The list could go on. The problem is still the same. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to the food you gobble up on a daily basis and your fitness goals.

So what makes the E-Factor Diet so different? At its core The E-factor Diet focuses on 3 areas, your;

Area #1: Food Timing

Area #2: Food Combinations

Area #3: Bodies Histamine Response


I’ll explain that in a second. Firstly let’s just quickly go through what can actually happen to us if we do indeed get these 3 areas firing all in the right direction.

  • Improved health all-round: Who doesn’t want to achieve optimal health?
  • Better sleep: Sleep is the foundation for all good health
  • Enhanced workout recovery: Being able to recover quicker whilst still burning fat and building muscle well after you’ve finished your workout is the holy-grail my friend.
  • Increased levels of energy throughout the day: No more lunch-time blues!
  • Improved body composition: Look better and feel better.
  • Less water-retention and bloating: Finally your workouts will actually look and feel like they’re doing something (i.e burning fat!)
  • Controlled hormone levels: For increased fat loss – you’ll start to feel like your working with your body instead of against it
  • Improved Workouts: You won’t be hitting your workout all sluggish and lazily. You’ll be hitting them with more energy, more motivation and ultimately be achieve better results
  • Emotional Boost: this is a BIG one that really drives everything your
  • Increased Metabolism: This alone can help you burn fat while you sleep. Yes. You read that right.

All in all – if we can get these three areas or components firing properly we’ll be able to not only see better results in our workouts but in our lives as a whole.


The E-Factor Diet: So what is HISTAMINE anyway?

Histamine is a chemical in your body that is directly involved in your immune system, digestion and your central nervous system (CNS).

Histamine being released in your body is a totally natural response. When tissues are injured due to toxins, bacteria, trauma or any other major change, histamine is released which causes swelling of your blood vessels.


It’s your body’s way of opening ‘doors and pathways’ to let your white blood cells come in and get to work on attacking the problem.

The problem here however, is that many foods (including those that we’re constantly told are ‘healthy’ for us) cause us to release this chemical.

Which in-turn hampers our fat loss efforts and overall health.

The E-Factor Diet Review: The Program

This is where John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet comes in.

The E-Factor Diet aims to help you achieve fat loss, increased moods and ultimately overall develop a healthier and more energetic you by addressing the 3 key areas we spoke about above; Food timing, food combinations, and your body’s response to foods.


E-Factor Diet Program – What’s included?

E-Factor Weight Loss Handbook

E-Factor Diet ReviewThis is the main core of the program. This is where John teaches you everything about the 3 different types of foods you should be eating in order to maximize not only your fat loss but overall health;

  1. Energetic Foods
  2. Endothermic Foods
  3. Enzymatic Foods

The section of the program walks you through combining the right foods at the right time – whilst always keeping one thing at top priority – your digestive system.

What Do I think?

First and foremost – looking after your digestive system is of paramount importance. You’ll not only start to notice your body functioning how it should but you’ll find fitness goals become a lot easier to achieve.

The foods and diet plans found within the E-Factor Handbook are pretty darn effective. Your digestive system and in specific your GUT is more like your bodies ‘second brain’.

Once you start treating it that way you’ll start to see huge positive results.

E-Factor Grocery Guide

This is a shorter guide that outlines all the foods you’ll need in your weekly shop.John Rowley E-Factor Diet Review (Grocery Guide)

All the foods listed are foods that are not only digestion-friendly but look to rid your body of all the toxins and harmful substances that you’d otherwise consume.

What Do I Think?

The thing I really like about this part is it leaves you no room for error – it’s basically ‘idiot’ proof. Now, before you go ahead and start buying everything listed in the guide on week 1 I would recommend that your plan your weeks out in conjunction with the E-Factor Diet Handbook first to save yourself small fortune in gone-off foods!

E-FACTOR Meal –Planning Blueprint

This eBook ‘removes all the guess work’ as John states on the homepage here.

This bit of the E-Factor program was specifically put to together to support you in saving time when making difficult decisions in your otherwise busy life!

E-Factor Diet Review (Meal Planning Guide / Blueprint)What Do I Think?

Personally, I think it’s a great addition to the overall program. I have people emailing me and asking questions on the blog all the time about meal-planning and preparation, so for John to include this in the program is only beneficial.

That said, I would be pretty disappointed if it wasn’t included. After-all if your selling a diet program as specific as the E-Factor Diet then showing people how to plan for it goes without saying.

‘Cheat Your Way Trim’ eBook

This guide basically walks you through all the meals and foods to eat on those cheat / treat days.

It even goes as far as including dessert foods too (I defiantly know my girlfriend Laura would LOVE this part!)

Only 10-pages long but packed with a huge amount of information, if you combine this guide with the above guides specifically using the techniques and tips within the ‘E-Factor Meal-Planning Blueprint’ you’ll see great results but enjoy the process at the same time.

What Do I Think?E-Factor Diet Review (Cheat Your Way Thin)

Enjoying the journey is what it’s all about. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to reach the goal – but without enjoying the journey you’re not going to have much to look back on and smile about!

In a world full of boring foods and diet plans I think this guide is pretty much essential to supporting the whole process.

But again, I would expect something like this to be included in the program.

E-Factor Diet Review: The Con’s

  • Would have liked to have seen more of a specialized workout program
  • Only available in digital


E-Factor Diet Review: The Pro’s

  • Not a one-size fits all plan: Focuses on your bodies individual responses to foods
  • Takes the hard work out of the journey to improved health by providing planning and psychological support. Simply put – it puts the enjoyment back into healthy eating!
  • Helps even the most busiest of people (Great for those with kids and long work days)
  • Helps decrease inflammation in your body
  • Provide increased support for your workouts
  • Supports your fat loss efforts
  • Solid nutrition-strategies for minimal effort but maximum gains
  • No starvation words / tips / feelings what-so-ever


The E-Factor Diet Final Thoughts…..

Overall, I think the E-Factor diet is a great program that when used properly will yield fantastic results.

The fact that John Rowley has built the program in a way it supports your weight loss and fat goals, but also improves other areas of your life such as; sleep, inflammation problems and doesn’t require you to go into an all-out starvation mode is only positive.

Again, as I mentioned above I would have liked to have seen more a specialised workout program (‘The E-Factor Workout’?) which would have really put the cherry on top.

That said however, eating and ‘dieting’ can be a complicated process. There are thousands of articles (mainly from big media companies) that confuse people just like you and me to the point you start questioning your own name!

The E-Factor Diet’s individual parts of the program are fantastic. It keeps everything simple. Not only easy to consume but easy to follow too.  

Like any change you have to make in your life, it’s going to take some work. Things that are usually worth having not only take time but they take effort too – The E-Factor Diet is no different.

If you’re will to put the effort in, and follow John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet I have no doubt you’ll start to see some fantastic results.

Eating is so important to our overall health. Eating the right foods is even more important. The E-Factor Diet not only helps you achieve this optimal health status but keeps it so simple that anyone with a little bit of motivation could follow along and see great results just like Jared and Crystal.

If you interested in reading more about how Jared and Crystal managed to improve their overall health and lose huge amounts of weight you can find out here, on the E-Factor Homepage.

Take Care, Stay Focused and look after your body!


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