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Summer Workout That Burns Fat & Builds Muscle



It’s that time of the week…Workout Wednesday!

Today I wanted to bring you a workout from a trainer I haven’t spoken about much before – John Romaniello.


John Romaniello, (author of Final Phase Fat Loss and SuperHero Workout 2.0) is one of the best writers I have seen in the industry. I have been silently following him for some time now, reading most of his articles, buying a fair amount of his programs and just generally getting to know the guy.

Now, I haven’t spoken to John yet – but from what I hear, and from what I can see, I know the guy is pretty clued up when it comes to fat loss.

When I got an email about his SuperHero Workout 2.0 program I decided to dive in and buy myself a copy.

Now, if you’re not into Marvel or you don’t like listening about Hulk and Wolverine the you can skip the first 14-16 pages of the PDF. I will say though John does pretty well on letting his imagination run away!

The main pull (or push, depending on which way you see it) of SuperHero Workout 2.0 is that it is designed in such a way where you can build muscle AND burn fat at the same time – something which for a long time people didn’t think was possible.

You know the ‘cutting phase’ and then the ‘bulking phase’….ring a bell? Yeah, well leave those bells alone for now and concentrate on these ones….


SuperHero Workout is based on 4 separate phases strategically put together in what is more commonly known as periodization.

Now I say ‘more commonly known as’, but the truth is many people have forgotten about periodization. This is partly due to money grabbing personal trainers, so called ‘experts’ with a ‘degree’ in’s Forum Reading and partly due the fact that many companies would rather you latch onto their ‘new revolutionary’ idea than go with a true and tested method.

But John takes us back to the roots of effective training.

Periodization is training in specific cycles or phases as John likes to call ‘em, with each cycle or phase targeting a slightly different goal.

SuperHero Workout 2.0 Phases:

Phase 1: This phase is tailored to not only help you burn fat but also increase your strength as well. 

Phase 2: In this phase you’ll still be burning fat, but you’ll also working on increasing your muscular endurance

Phase 3: This phase is pure hypertrophy. (AKA Muscle Building).

Phase 4: The final phase focuses on overall athleticism


All phases are progressively linked together to allow proper development – this is the beauty of periodization.

Once I have finished the workout program myself I’ll be writing a review up but for those of you looking to get on-board with me now, click here.

Here’s the workout from John Romaniello’s SuperHero Workout 2.0 – enjoy!



Complex A – Barbell Complex for 4×6

Set UpPerform A1, A2, A3 and A4 are sequentially, with NO rest between them; do not even set the barbell down between exercises.  Each exercise is to be performed for 6 reps. After A4, rest 120 second and repeat.  Select a weight that makes your weakest exercise challenging, but allows you to complete all reps on that exercise.

Recommended Starting Weights:
Men – 115-135 pounds
Women – 45-65 pounds

A1) Hack Squat (heels elevated)
A2) Push Press
A3) Bent Over Row (overhand grip)
A4) Barbell RDL
Perform this complex a total of 4 times; after your fourth one, rest 3-4 minutes and proceed to Complex B.


….that isn’t even the full workout. I don’t think John would be too happy if I started copying and pasting a bunch of workouts from his program. If you’re a beginner that workout alone is a pretty effective workout for you to get on with now. 

However, those of you that are absolute animals and think nothing ‘phases’ you, then I challenge YOU to a SuperHero Workout challenge…….


See you on the other side 😉

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