Is STRESS Stopping YOU From Losing Weight….And Ultimately Causing A Whole Host of Other Problems?

Stress & Weight Gain

So yesterday I had a pretty stressful day. Tonnes of phone calls, emails, things not working out the way I wanted or Stress and Weight Gain - Could Stress Be Stopping Your Weight Loss Efforts?hoped they would – I was glad when bed time came – even if it was an hour and half earlier than usual!

If something bad happens or things don’t go the way I’d like them to, I always try to find and think of something good to come out of the whole situation. It’s all about having a positive frame of mind, even in the darkest looking situations.

So I got into bed, and I sat there thinking. What can I take away from today, and use to my advantage?

……and that’s when it came to me. You guys.

If you’re struggling to burn fat and lose weight, it may be down to stress – there is a direct link between stress and weight gain.

No matter what we do we can never completely eliminate stress. Stress will always exist. It’s how we deal with, and channel that stress that matters.

Good Stress Vs Bad Stress

Of course, sometimes stress can be beneficial to us, in-fact we wouldn’t be able to complete certain obstacles in life if we didn’t have stress. For instance, exercise, change, falling in love, travelling can all be good types of stress; they can all benefit the mind in so many ways. However, good stress can quickly turn into bad stress if we’re not careful.

Stress and Weight loss

Stress can hinder weight loss and ultimately cause weight gain in a few ways. When we find ourselves stressed due to things like work, relationship problems, financial issues, the body releases a whole host of hormones – one of these being cortisal.

High levels of stress over a prolonged period of time will lead to chronic stress, which can cause our bodies metabolism rate to slow down, consequently leading to weight gain – even if we’re not necessarily eating more than we usually would. Please read that carefully!

Stress and Weight Gain – How To Reduce Our Levels of Stress and Anxiety

I’ve already explained how stress can never be completely eliminated from our lives, it’s something that will always be around, but we can take steps to reduce the level of stress we go through. I have listed some ways below that can help reducing stress.

NOTE: These techniques are based on what has worked for me, or other people I have spoken to.

  1. MassageNow who doesn’t love a massage? According to a News Week article published in late 2008, the vagus nerve pressure points are activated during massage. This nerve is responsible for regulating blood pressure. Almost everyone loves a massage, even if you haven’t the money to pay a professional – have your partner do it.


  1. Set GoalsThis one I kind of preach on about a bit – but for very good reason. Setting goals work IF you do it properly. There’s no point in turning round and saying ‘this year I want to be an astronaut’ – the chances of that happening are very slim. That goal isn’t realistic. Big goals should always be split into smaller goals.



  1. YogaThe benefits of Yoga are endless. I am yet to come across someone who regrets doing Yoga. A lot of techniques that are used to help reduce stress – are found in Yoga. These are things like stretching, breathing properly and meditation. The best thing about it is that fact you can perform Yoga in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a great book for beginners.


  1. Worry or Stress Time – I know some people who have found this technique really valuable. It’s all about setting aside certain time to worry and stress about everything that is going on in your life. So for instance you may sit down from 6-7pm every night. In that time you write down everything that is stressing you out, and stress about it, worry about it as much as you can. Then at 7pm you stop. Continue that for a couple of weeks.


  1. 5.       Proper Breathing Technique – This is the first step I take when I start to find things are getting on top of me. You’re forever told to ‘breathe deeply and slowly’ but there is actually a technique to do this. It’s a great technique to clear your mind, and to relax your body. To start this technique breathe out through your nose and release any air you may have left in your lungs, as you do this relax your shoulders. Next breathe deeply and slowly through your nose, but as you do imagine the air filling your stomach up, and as you do this push your stomach out, now as you exhale, do it slowly and imagine the air leaving your stomach. When breathing out tell yourself to relax. I typically do this for about 4-5 minutes. But if you’re running low on time, aim for 10 deep breaths in and out.


Stress and Weight Gain

You could have the best workout plan in the world, that suits you perfectly, and be eating all the right foods – yet still not reaching your goals because stress is playing around.

Along with the fact that stress and weight gain are directly linked, you need to realise that stress is a silent killer and can cause all sorts of health problems IF you let it get on top of you. These health problems can include things like, high blood pressure, problems in concentration and depression.

In this day and age stress is at an all time high, and I am constantly hearing people talking about how stressed they are.

If you have already recognized that you’re stressed, you’re half way to solving the problem – the second half is doing something about it.

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