Resist Temptation

Ah! Voila!

You wouldn’t believe the confusion I’ve just gone through! Sometimes instead of working from home I like to take my things (my laptop, notebook, pen, phone) to either the library or to my friends cafe – there’s something about changing my surroundings that motivates me.

Anyway, today I thought I’d go to the cafe to do some work before a workout later on. So I walked into the cafe, sat down (next the only plug socket!) and turned on my laptop. When my laptop was on, I opened up word and started to type………..nothing was happening. Every time I pressed a key nothing was coming up on my screen. GREAT!!

So I closed word down opened up my web browser tried typing something into Google and……NOTHING!! If I knew this was going to happen I would have stayed at home – in bed!!

Anyways, after sitting and staring at my laptop for about 5 minutes wondering what it could be, I asked one of the office staff at the cafe what it could be (yeah this cafe has got office staff!). They told me to restart it – why didn’t I think of that?!? (It’s amazing how little you actually think when you panic!)

Anyway, seeing as your reading this you can guess what the outcome was. Turns out I may have pressed the little black button on the fold of the laptop, freezing most functionality of the laptop.

Moving on……

Today I’m going to talk to you about something that I can see right in front of my eyes as we speak….

Resisting Temptation

…..or the opposite really, let me explain.


I’m sat here watching customer after customer come in ordering sausage and fried egg baguettes, hash browns and chips, one guy has

Resist Temptation

even just order a burger. Apart from it being full of bad fat, who in their right frame mind eats burger and chips at this time in the morning!!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a burger, but firstly I know how to balance my food intake, and secondly I wouldn’t dream of eating a burger at 9 AM (GMT) in the morning!!

Temptation is everywhere. You can’t walk to your local shop without seeing some sort of advertisement trying to entice you to buy their product, whether it is healthy or not – and let’s be fair, most are unhealthy.

But that’s where your mind comes in. If you’ve got very strong will power then you shouldn’t have any problem in resisting temptation. However those of you that are like myself, we have a terrible time trying to resist temptation.

We’re only human at the end of the day, and companies pay big bucks to challenge your will power. If you stop and think about it for a second there are people in this world who are paid (and paid very nicely in some cases) to challenge your will power.

Now even just that little statement there motivates me to say ‘NO!’

For some people saying ‘NO’ is enough to resist temptation, but for others it’s not. So I’m going to list a few scenarios below, with action steps to help you say ‘NO’.

Scenario 1

I’m sat here in the Cafe, and people are ordering bacon ‘n’ egg baguettes, and sausages’ and chips. I LOVE bacon baguettes! Not only that but I know guy who owns the cafe so even if I came to cafe with no money I could probably twist his arm a little into slapping me on a few pieces of bacon. There’s massive temptation here for me!

I knew before I came this morning that the temptation would be there. I’m going to be sat in this cafe with people all round me eating. So how am I resisting temptation? Simple really, before I left my house this morning I ate a nice big breakfast. Right now I couldn’t stomach a massive bacon and sausage baguette even if I really wanted it!

Nothing groundbreaking, but guess what? It works!

Scenario 2

You come in from long tedious hard day at work; you just want to go to bed but you’re starving. What do you do? Stick in a microwavable meal? Munch something high in bad fats?

Of course you don’t (or at least you shouldn’t!).

So how do you resist temptation to eating bad foods? Well in this case you would have planned your meal. Planning your meals is the one the most important things you can do. If you had planned your meal the night before, or in the morning when you got up you wouldn’t have the added stress of trying to figure what you’re going to eat when you get home. Not only will planning your meals save you time but it’ll save you an enormous amount of money as well.

Also as a side not to this, another tip to stop you eating quick microwavable meals and things high in bad fats is not to buy them! If I stocked my cupboards up with loads of unhealthy stuff all the time – guess what? I’d eat ‘em! So to stop this, and to eliminate any temptation, I simply don’t buy it!

Again, nothing groundbreaking, but it works!

Scenario 3

Lastly, I’m going back to the cafe now. There’s a group of workers in the corner across from where I’m sitting, and all of them have ordered roughly the same thing, lots of chips/fries, sausages. The funny thing is Ben (the guy that owns the cafe) offers healthy options. Right next to all the unhealthy options are a bunch of healthy options!

So everyone that comes in and eats something unhealthy is making a choice to do so. So how do you resist temptation? Choose the healthy option! Simple, you can’t get any easier than that. Sometimes you need to stand up and say ‘No I’m not following what John, Jane, and Jude are doing, I want to look after my body’. Believe it or not people will influence your decision without you even realizing it – if you let them.

Your state of mind

Resisting temptation is all about your training your mind. You need to train your brain to have the will power to say no.

The best way to resist temptation in most cases is to plan ahead. If you plan your meals, then you’re less likely to be suckered into eating something that’s going to play havoc with your body. Planning is the key with this one.

I’m not saying go all out and never eat anything unhealthy, it’s about finding a balance. Set out a day in the week where you treat yourself.

And lastly remember if your fridge and cupboards are full of junk food you’re going to eat it. So eliminate the temptation by not buying it in the first place.

This turned out to be a pretty long post, and I’ve probably waffled on a little (I tend to do that when I get into something!) but the main purpose of this post was to help you resist temptation when it comes to eating.

You have to make a choice, and it has to be the right choice. So what’s your choice going to be?

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