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Push’A’Leg Workout Finisher

If you’ve been reading my emails and keeping up to date on my blog post you’ll know how much I love workout finishers. Just to recap quickly;

A workout finisher is a small workout that is added on to the END of your original workout to maximize fat burning

Now workout finishers can be done using treadmills, free weights, barbells and other types of exercise equipment.

Me? Well I love bodyweight workout finishers.


Well the idea behind a finisher is that you give your body that end of workout blast with little or no rest, and If you’re using gym equipment then you might be fighting other gym users for the same equipment. (No I don’t mean punching and kicking btw!)

Another reason I love bodyweight workout finishers is because I can do them anywhere in the world. I don’t need to spend time looking for a gym, and I certainly don’t need to buy any expensive equipment.

Push’A’Leg Workout Finisher

This workout will involve performing a set number of reps (as opposed to a specific time).

You will choose ten exercises – 5 leg and 5 push ups

So for example sake, here are the exercises I have chosen;

Bodyweight Leg Exercises;

(1) Bodyweight Squats

(2) Wall Squats

(3) Forward Lunge

(4) Side Lunges

(5) Squat Jump

Push Up Exercises;

(6) Incline Push Up

(7) Standard Push Up

(8) Decline Push Up

(9) Diamond Push Up

(10)  Clap Push Up

Here’s how you’ll do the Push‘A’Leg Workout:

You will perform;

10 reps of (1) / 9 reps of (6) / 8 reps of (2) / 7 reps of (7) / 6 reps of (3) / 5 reps of (8) / 4 reps of (4) / 3 reps of (9) / 2 reps of (5) / 1 rep of (10)

=With NO rest!

……and then go grab yourself a shower to get rid of all that sweat!!


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