Psychology of Strength Review

Psychology of Strength Review: Mike Gillette – Man or Mouse?

Psychology of Strength Review.

Are you sick and tired or riding the mental merry-go around? You know that same trip you take every single time….

Maybe you want to lose weight and start eating properly. You plan the days you’re going to work out. You might even plan the exact exercises you’re going to do.

You pick up the weights on day 1 and go hell for leather. Then day 2 comes round and you reluctantly pick up the weights and start again.

By the time day 3 comes round your fighting yourself and your will-power and before long you’ve forgotten about your new plan.

You get motivated to make this new change in your life- whatever that may be. You start to mentally prepare and you may even start taking action too.

But then…it happens again. It always does.

The wheels fall off.

And you’re back to square one.

What happened?

Modern day life has made us weak and soft. Our attitudes as a society have changed. We have all these new distractions in our lives.

And, I’m afraid to say they’re not going away. In-fact it’s only going to get worse.

Expect more distractions. Expect more worry. Expect everything to get harder.


Psychology of Strength Review - Don't Give UpExpect your mental strength to disappear into oblivion IF you don’t take the steps to change it.

Having spent most of my professional life studying how the mind works, I know thing’s can be reversed. You can reverse most psychological states.  

Having suffered from depression, anxiety and thoughts I never want to revisit again I can put my hand on my heart and say the grass IS greener on the other side.

IF you’re will to put the work in.

Ready to learn how?

The Psychology of Strength Review

I got an email the other day from a guy called Mike Westerdal. Mike owns a thriving fitness business and has some of the best networks in the business.

Simply put – Mike knows his shit.

As it happens, Mike started to tell me about this guy who has worked for all sorts of organisations from Walt Disney, Air Canada to the United States Marine Corps.

‘What on earth does this guy do…in fact, who the heck IS this guy?’ I hear you thinking.

Well, ‘this guy’ actually goes by the name Mike too (‘I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike’ – couldn’t help but stick in a Bad Boys scene there)

Mike GILLETTE is his name.

Mike Gillette is the owner of Psychology of Strength, a program that walks you through the steps to becoming psychologically stronger so you can let go those beliefs that are not only destroying your chances of reaching your own personal greatness but also contributing to hampering the success of those closest to you too.

Does the Psychology of Strength work? We’ll get to that in a second. Let just get a little bit more on Mr Gillette first.

Strength Psychology Review : Who is Mike Gillette?

Mike Gillette - Strength Psychology Mike Gillette is a record-setting strongman who has worked with and for organisations all round the world including; The Department of Homeland Security as a Counter-Terrorism Consultant, The FBI and as bodyguard to stars like Sylvester Stallone (Yep, even Rocky himself needs a bit of protection)

It’s not Mike’s background that really impresses me; it’s the story after the problems and heartache that really matters.

I mean, I could go on about my story all day but what I really want to be judged on is HOW well I do AFTER I overcame adversity and changed things round.

And it seems like Mike has those merits. With countless big name celebrities and organisations to his name and now a whole program based around his teachings – Mike sounds like the type of guy you want to learn from.

You can read his story here – just scroll down half way down.

Okay, so Mike’s a pretty cool guy. He could give Liam Neeson a run for his money. I get it.

Hats off to him.

But what is he actually selling?

The Psychology of Strength Review – The Program

At its core, Psychology of Strength is based around 3 steps;

  1. Mindset
  2. Planning
  3. Mastery

Using these 3 steps, Mike has developed strategies and individual tactics to overcome mental barriers and build mental toughness.

In short;

‘Psychology of Strength supports you in changing, so you can go from your ‘today’s’ self, to your ‘warriors’ self.‘

The techniques and strategies inside the Psychology of Strength are designed to not only get you in the right frame of mind to put the ‘wheels in motion’, but it actually challenges YOU to challenge your current beliefs.

It’s these same beliefs you and I have built up over our life time in modern society that build what we call Belief Systems.

These Belief Systems sometimes need tweaking (or completely changing altogether) in order for you to ‘unlock’ your hidden potential – This is what Psychology of Strength does.

However –

This would be where most free articles you’ll find on the internet and even most programs stop.

Speaking from experience, you need to consistently challenge yourself. Your brain is like any muscle in your body.

Stop training it and it will slowly slip back into its old ways.

That’s where Step 3 comes in- The Mastery Phase.

This phase (or stage) involves techniques that constantly keep you ‘on your toes’. Steps 3 allows you to keep moving forward, continually learning and ultimately succeed in your own personal journey.

Overall if you’re looking to reach your peak performance psychologically, physically and in all other areas of your life – the Psychology of Strength will take you half way there.

And where does the other 50% come in? You taking control of your own life and investing the time to improve yourself.

In short; TAKING ACTION.Mike Gillette - Psychology of Strength - Take Action

Once you get passed the initial mindset and planning phases, learning about things such as ‘anchors and a slightly different outlook on setting and achieving goals, you’ll start to see the full power of being intentionally in-control of your own mind.

It’s a hard state to get to. Even harder to maintain (I’ve been there and still find myself occasionally letting myself go). The Psychology of Strength has done the hard work for you. It’s already opened the door. All you have to do is walk in.

Simply put: I wish I had this exact resource when I was at my worst.

Thankfully I worked a lot out through research and learning about certain aspects of Psychology, but Mike’s program would have saved me a HUGE amount of time.

Building Mental Toughness: Individual things to look out for in the program

  • The almost instant mindset switch technique: This technique alone has stopped a huge amount of negativity in my life.
  • The slightly different way at setting and achieving goals: Simplicity and specificity are the keys here. This alone can reduce stress and increase your mental toughness tenfold.
  • Mission Statement: I love this one. Mission statements aren’t just for big corporations. This will be driver behind almost everything you do. What’s your mission statement?
  • Music Mindset: I’ve been researching this exact thing recently. Just by listening to right music for you, you’ll be able to redirect your energy into having a powerful mindset. Lots of sports stars use techniques just like this before games.
  • Visualization: This has got some pretty bad rap recently. But when you can clear your head to a point where you can see crystal clear with your eyes closed – imagine what you can do with your eyes open. I’ve actually used this technique for things such as interviews, workouts, exercise correction and increasing confidence.

Overall Psychology of Strength can be used as your personal resource to increase your mental toughness, break down barriers and help you on your personal journey of success for years to come.


Psychology of Strength Review – The Con’s

You’d be forgiven for thinking that with all the pictures and talk, Psychology of Strength was primarily aimed at men.

Far from it. Women can use the program in exactly the same fashion – so don’t be put off by all the pictures of men. In-fact there’s a testimonial from Becky Fox near the bottom of the homepage.

Another thing I would pull the program up on is the lack of information (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!) that states; it only takes a few of these techniques and strategies to be implemented in your life to see a difference.

It’s true.

You don’t even need to follow this program religiously to see a huge difference. Of course I would recommend everyone to follow the program as it’s laid out but we’re all busy people in a busy world with lots of ‘busy’ things to do.

Using some of the techniques inside the Mike Gillette’s program in isolation can yield some great results.

Psychology of Strength Review – The Pro’s

  • Downloaded in two different formats: Unlike many other programs of a similar nature you can order Psychology of Strength digitally OR physically on DVD – your choice.
  • Only program of its kind on the market: I myself have been looking for something like this for a few years now. Pick the best format for you.Mike Gillette - Strength Psychology Review
  • Uses techniques that will have a positive effect in all areas of your life
  • Written and presented by a world class expert
  • Focuses on the full spectrum of change
  • Incredibly effective when used properly: Again, you have to action and consistently look to learn and grow.

Mike Gillette’s Psychology of Strength Review Final Thoughts

The market has been waiting for a program like this for a few years now.

With a new diet or exercise program being released on what seems a daily or weekly basis, The Psychology of Strength not only brings a fresh, new angle on how you can reach your own personal goals but fills a hugely important gap in becoming fit, healthy and ultimately leading a fulfilling life.

You can eat all the healthy food you want. You can have the perfect workout program specifically designed for you. And that’s great!

But if your psychological pillars are weak then it could all fall apart in an instant.

You know you need to eat well. You know you need to push your body physically. But without the foundation of techniques and knowledge presented in The Psychology of Strength you’ll constantly be fighting an uphill battle.

You can visit the Psychology of Strength homepage here for more on Mike Gillette’s story and how his techniques can support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Take Care, Stay Focused & Become The BEST Version of YOU


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