Fat Loss Warm Up Structure

How to Stop YEARS of DOOM with This 10 Minute ‘Trick’

I say ‘trick’ very very lightly. You see, you should be doing this on every single workout. And I don’t mean swapping cardio for metabolic resistance training. Or alternating free weights with barbells. In fact it’s much simpler than that. It should be routine. But it’s not. Far too many people miss out this essential…

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Get Motivated. Stay Motivated: 4 FLC Motivational Articles

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Without any motivation we’re going to find it pretty hard to get out of bed, let alone lose weight. I’ve said it many times here on FLC, everything you ever do, whether that be creating a new…

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Superhero workout 2.0

Summer Workout That Burns Fat & Builds Muscle

    It’s that time of the week…Workout Wednesday! Today I wanted to bring you a workout from a trainer I haven’t spoken about much before – John Romaniello.   John Romaniello, (author of Final Phase Fat Loss and SuperHero Workout 2.0) is one of the best writers I have seen in the industry. I…

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4 Veg, 2 Nuts and a bit of Meat

Before we go any further I must point out that this is an ‘actionable post’ – in other words, it will require you to take action. I can provide the steps for you to use as a platform – but I cannot physical make you take those steps. I can open the door that leads to…

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Why a Personal Trainer may NOT be what you need

  This will be a shortish post today as I am ‘smack-bang’ in the middle of moving at the minute. I’ve got 6-8 weeks to get everything sorted – manic times! I’ll try to get online as much as possible but please bear with me! Being a ‘Personal Trainer’ myself allows me to see the…

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Metabolic Stacking

Metabolic Stacking: Just another marketing technique?

Introduction In the world of health and fitness it seems like everyone and their mother is coming up with new technical terms in fat loss. HIIT, MRT, MDT, MCT, BMI and they’re just the abbreviated terms. I haven’t even touched on the non-abbreviated ones! Fat loss can get ridiculously confusing, there’s no doubt about it. …

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4 Minute ‘Miracle’ Workouts? Really?!

  Craig Ballantyne: 4 Minute Miracle Workouts & 6 Minute Six Packer Workouts Since the release of his hugely popular bodyweight program – Home Workout Revolution. There has been a lot of interest in Craig Ballantyne’s 4 minute and 6 minute workouts. So what I wanted to do is explain the method and techniques behind…

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