My 8 (or 9!) Daily Habits

Daily HabitsMy 8 (or 9!) Daily Habits

Although the main purpose of this site is to help you burn fat and lose weight, I have banging on recently how becoming fit and healthy isn’t just about eating the right foods, and exercising.

Of course, eating healthy and exercising is very important to living a healthy life – but there are other things that also contribute to our over-all wellbeing.

These can be things like having no stress, having enough sleep, reaching our goals, networking, love, touch, friendship, positive thinking – the list just goes on and on.

All these different things combined together give us our overall wellbeing.

Now I have always had a list of things to do since I was a kid. Growing up with a Nan who had a gazillion-and-one pens in her bag and a Mum who had trazillion-and-two (High-five on them made up words) ‘to do’ lists in her bag; it was pretty obvious I had to get organized quickly.

Now as I’ve got older I’ve quickly realised the more you have to do just increases, so being organised is vital.

Something that I like to do on the daily basis is my list of daily habits.


Because I like to have a sense of achievement.

If I don’t have any sense of achievement, I feel like the hours in my day have been wasted. If I don’t sit down a record what I have done, I don’t feel like I have got any closer to my goals.

So with that said here is a rough outline of what my daily habits look like. Feel free to copy them to use in your own life.

Daily Habit 1

Breathing – Every morning before I wake up I breathe….deeply. Let me explain. Your head processes thousands upon thousand of thoughts everyday – so deep breathing allows my brain some ‘free’ time away from those thoughts.  I close my eyes and focus on one thing – breathing. I’ll do this for anywhere between 5 minutes and 20 minutes.

Daily habit 2

Review my diary – What I’ll do next is review everything I have to do for the day, whether that be doing a session, writing a post here on the blog, networking with other people. I normally give myself 4 big things to do a day, and then about 8-10 smaller things to do.  This just focuses me for the day. Each task I will do will take me one step closer to my in achieving my goals. If I try and cram to much into one day I’ll either lose motivation, or not do it with 100% effort.

Daily Habit 3

Workout – sometimes I do this in the evening, but sometimes I do it in the morning.  On days I don’t workout I still like to keep active in some way.

Daily Habit 4

Plan tomorrows work – The key to getting things done is to plan the night before. Plan everything you need to do the night before, to avoid distractions and procrastination.

Daily Habit 5

Gratitude and Achievement Journal – This ones a new one but it’s really easy to implement, and not only does it give me that sense of achievement I am looking for, but it also allows me to me be grateful for what I have got. I got this tip from a guy by the name of Craig Ballantyne. Great guy with some serious knowledge.

On a piece of paper I write:






****Here’s what each one stands for; (Note: Each one is for both personal AND work related achievements)

G= What am i grateful for today?

O = What opportunities have I had, or have arose today?

DID = What have I accomplished today?

DO = What will I do tomorrow?

App = Who do I appreciate today?

***I answer those questions and then underneath or beside that I write;






**** Next to these numbers I write 5 different things I have achieved today. Again these things can be both work and personal achievements.

Daily Habit 6

Review daily documents – This can be any articles on OR offline. I will read up something on business, health, life rules and I will review my personal goals.

Daily Habit 7

What Have I learnt today – What ever I have learnt, however big or small that may be will be written down. And then when I come to reviewing them on Sunday night before work starts again on Monday, I will review what I have learnt that week. You could learn a new technique, you could learn something new about somebody else, you could be learning from your mistakes – but one thing’s for sure you’ll be learning something new every single day.

Daily Habit 8

Read my book – Sometimes this book can be fiction, sometimes it can be non-fiction. Being able to wind down after a busy day is vital to being able to get up and face a new day tomorrow.

Daily Habit 9

Deep Breathing – Again, just before I go to sleep I do my deep breathing technique.


Now of course, there are days where I lack in motivation, there are days where I might fall asleep and not do any breathing before I go to sleep, there are even days where I might not workout at all – but I always have a plan and never stray to far away from it.

So what can you take away from this post?

Well a lot if I’m honest. But If I was to ask you one thing to put in action out of all those habits? It would be to plan tomorrows work tonight, get that work done.

Nothing happens without taking action. Nothing

Whether that is planning something for work, with the kids, your partner, your meals, your workout routine – just plan it and then take to steps to execute that task.

So much of my life, I have been surrounded by people who find it so difficult to get up and do stuff. I am not going to be one of those people.

I have goals I want to reach in life, I have things I want to achieve and do, and by having a list of daily habits, I am giving myself the best possible chance of reaching my end goals.

Take Care, Keep Focused and Have a Habit!



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