Muscle Food Review – Reviewing Juicy Breasts & Everything Else In-Between Food Review:

Meet Chris.

A 20-something year old who loves to workout, look good, feel good and overall do good.

Here’s the problem.

While Chris wants to constantly stay on top of his game, big brand supermarkets are doing their best to derail Chris’s plans.

  • The price of meat is ridiculous (Chris isn’t a millionaire just yet!)
  • The taste of this overly priced meat is sub-par at best
  • The quality of the meat varies so much from shop to shop and even packet to packet enough to send the pope crazy.
  • And finally Chris has other things to do with his time such as actually exercising, socializing, working and generally trying to make his mark on this planet.

Chris isn’t alone either. Millions of people just like Chris, both male and female suffer from the same problems.

Does this sound like you?

If you’re not trying to work out which 3 for £10 meat deal is going to give you the most protein, you’re worrying about how healthy the meat really is.

All this worrying, stressing and constant confusion is potentially achieving the complete opposite of what you’ve set out to do – which is lead a healthy, happy, fulfilled and active life.

What if I told you, you could get;

  • High quality meat that’s packed with protein
  • At a Fantastic Price
  • That Tastes Delicious
  • All while saving you HUGE amounts of time

Would you believe me?


MuscleFood is essentially an online nutrition and supplement provider – think of it as a health and fitness delivery service.

Muscle Food allows you to choose exactly what food you to order, using your laptop or most other devices that can connect to the internet; (I placed my last order on my phone before going into a meeting at work) which can in turn save you a huge amount of time.

A lot of the food the sell are provided from family business’ which usually means they’re not governed by bigger ‘decision-makers’ – this helps people just like you and me be safe in the knowledge of what we’re actually buying.

With hoards of celebrities and professional athletes using Muscle Food, the chance for health enthusiasts up and down the country to get their hands on affordable premium meats has never been easier.

So What Can You Actually Buy From

There would be no point in me listing off every single piece of food here, you’d be better off just heading over to the site yourself.

That said however, there are a few meats and deals that are slightly more popular which I’ll go into a little more depth on.

Muscle Food Review: Chicken Breasts

With British people eating 190g of chicken each per week, I think it’s safe to assume the more popular deal at MuscleFood is the 5kg of chicken for £25.

This was the first thing that directed my attention towards MuscleFood – their ridiculously cheap chicken.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re placing your first order with MF, there’s a good chance you’ll feel excited with a tinge of curiosity.

‘How can they provide chicken at such a low price?’

‘Will it really taste as good as they say it does?’

What have I got to lose? We all know that bad chicken is well….bad for us. And I can tell you from first-hand experience the fever that comes with food poisoning is not enjoyable at all.

But hey chicken that good for ol’ ‘Dogger’ (Hollyoaks) is good for me!

Let me say straight off the bat. I don’t think I can remember a time where chicken tasted so nice. Honestly, the chicken MuscleFood supply tastes amazing.

Another thing that surprised me was the way the chicken did not shrink after cooking. If you’ve ever bought chicken from a local store you’ll know what I’m talking about!

That in itself is worth doing your next meat shop with

I don’t know about you, but paying a ridiculous price for chicken that shrinks when you cook is straight up annoying.

Overall the Muscle Food chicken tastes fantastic and cooks really well. And in a weird and strange way I felt as if I was experiencing chicken in a new light?! Anyone else?

Two thumbs up for on their chicken! All the details on the Chicken, it’s price and nutritional value you can find here.

Muscle Food Review: Griddle & Grill Mixed Meat Hamper Deal

On my second order I decided to take Muscle Food up on their Mixed Meet Hamper deal. For the ‘princely’ sum of £10 I received;

  • 1 x Mature British Rump Steak: Rating 8/10
  • 2 x Mature British Minute Steaks: Rating 8/10
  • 400g Lean Diced British Beef: 9/10
  • 400g Premium Diced Turkey Breasts: 9/10
  • 740g Chicken Drumsticks: 7/10 (I’m not much of a chicken drumstick guy myself but the deal was too good to turn down)
  • 350g Low Fat Bacon Medallions (9/10)

….all for tenner.

Not bad if you ask me.

All in all my second order costs me £39.95 – and that’s including the 5KG of chicken I received too.

Muscle Food Review: Protein Bread

While I haven’t ordered the protein bread from I have had the privilege of tasting Dr. Zak’s bread a few years ago at The Pumping Iron Gym.

The price is a little high at £3.99 for one loaf on Muscle Food’s website, but as they point out on their website you wouldn’t compare a protein bar to a chocolate bar.

Anyway what price would put on your health?

Overall, gorgeous tasting bread with significantly less saturated fat and carbs that normal store bread.

Fresh salmon, organic eggs and two slices of Dr Zak’s Protein Bread anyone?

Try it. Let me know what you think 😉

Protein Bread Update....

When I ordered my last batch of chicken I decided to try the protein bread.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it tasted. It tastes just like normal bread - NOT doughy AT ALL.

While it is still bread, and you wouldn't want to eat too much, it defiantly is a great alternative to your normal health damaging normal bread.

Two slices is more than enough and you'll be getting a good healthy 30g of protein.

Defiantly recommend you try it out. Con’s

There are of course a few drawbacks if you want to get really picky, and a review wouldn’t be a review without talking about the con’s.

When you first open up the 2 big packets of chicken (if you ordered the 5KG deal that is) you’ll notice a slight smell.

Now, I’ve done some digging. In-fact a lot of digging and then guys over at Muscle Food have said the smell is due to the way the chicken is packaged – when you receive your first order you’ll know understand.

2.5KG of chicken with all its juices packaged, transported for miles and finally delivered at your door is going to cause some smell.

All the information you need to know on it’s packaging, transportation and delivery can be found here.

This does NOT mean your chicken is bad.

In-fact the smell disappears after a few minutes when exposed to the air. Bad chicken smells – period.

Secondly, the prices of some of the products can be a little pricey if you’re on a budget. Don’t let that put you off however.

There are plenty of foods that are priced really low but still taste amazing. If you’re on a budget then head on over to the site here and check out their daily / weekly deals.

Muscle Food Review: Final Thoughts

Overall if we were to look at the main variables;

  • Price
  • Taste
  • Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Smells
  • Textures
  • ‘Enjoyability’ & Experience

….I think I could sum it up like this;

If you’re looking for high quality premium meats at a reasonable price that you can trust then is your next stop.

You’ll not only get food that tastes delicious, but as I have said before you’ll feel like you’re having a whole new experience to eating!

From order to delivery, unpacking to devouring Muscle Food’s beautiful meats, be aware that’s there’s a very good chance you’ll never buy meat from your local big brand store again.

You’ve been warned!

Save yourself time and try something new at Muscle Food here

PS: Unless you run out of meat of course….

PPS. Let me know what you think of the salmon, eggs and protein bread!

PPPS. All new customers can find some seriously good deals here!


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