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The First Stage In Fitness and Losing Weight…

I do a lot of reading. Sometimes I’ll read a book about fat loss, sometimes a book about nutrition and sometimes I’ll read a fiction book just to take my mind away from the real world. As we speak I’m currently making my way through a book written by Sue Hadfeild – ‘Brilliant – Think Positively’

‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin’

Now most fitness professionals will tell you that all fitness starts in the kitchen…and to a certain extent their right. Heck, I’ve even mentioned it here on the site, but where fitness really starts is in the mind. If you’re not mentally prepared for what you’re about to do then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Some people are naturally positively focused and most of these kinds of people go far in life. Whether it’s getting a promotion at work, saving up for a new car or losing weight, they normally succeed in reaching their goals, for the sheer fact they believe in themselves.

My experience…..

Me? Well I always fortunate enough to be that person who could eat anything when I was younger and still stay slim, but not so fortunate in the positive thinking aspect of life. Everyone goes through difficult times, and as child I had a very stop-start life, always being moved from pillar-to-post and going through some serious amounts of mental stress. It’s taken its toll on me and I have found it almost impossible at times to think positively. My Mum did her best and my Dad probably could have done better but life’s all about ups and downs, and I accept that. It was up to me to change to the way I thought, it was up to me to make something of my life.

Mind Over BodyIt’s about YOU

The same goes for you. If you’re someone who doesn’t have much trouble about thinking positively then that’s great! You’re a very fortunate person! Take that and use it wisely, plan your meals, plan your workouts and start to get the body you want. Use this site to help you achieve your goals.

If however you struggle with thinking positively it’s not the end of the world – although at the time of writing this the Mayan Calendar ends tomorrow – So if the earth does crumble into a ball of fire I do apologise for that last statement! I’ll send you an email in the after-life to say sorry 😉 But thinking positively about things, I think mankind will live to fight another day!

However, you must take the steps to change that. Positive thinking is not just about feeling happy when good things are happening in your life. It’s relatively easy to feel good when something great happens, positive thinking spans out a lot further than that.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is about being able to stay hopeful even in the worst of situations. It’s way of leading your life. By thinking positively you change your whole perception on life. The best thing about positive thinking is it starts to appear in every aspect of your life. So if you keep upbeat about losing weight, and you start to see results, you’ll start becoming more confident in your social and work life, you’ll start doing things that you could only have dreamed about before.

Action Plan

Over the next few weeks I will be sending you some more information on positive thinking, but before that I want you do something. I want you to start thinking positively!

So to start the positive thinking mode I want you to be extra aware. I want you to start the ball rolling. Every time a negative thought about losing weight comes into your head, I want you to stop, think about it, and work out a positive outcome – that’s all. So for instance you’re laying in bed, and you suddenly remember you have prepared tomorrows lunch for work. Instead of thinking how much of a pain it would be to get up out of bed and prepare lunch, think about the fact that you won’t have to do it tomorrow, or if you’re someone who goes and get’s lunch from a shop on your break, think about the money you will save – something small. Once you have achieved that small goal, then set yourself another small goal and keep going. Look for a small positive outcome to the situation you face.

What you’ll find is your motivation levels will start to rise, and before long you’ll be doing these small things that were once so hard to do…. automatically.

Again, like I said at the start of this post, fitness no matter what the end goal is starts in our minds. If we don’t prepare ourselves for what we have to do, we’re preparing to fail.

I know you can think positively, you know you can……so let’s start thinking positively.

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