Metabolic Finishers: How To Super-Charge Your Fat Loss Workouts

Everyone’s bodies are different, and it takes time and dedication to the cause to find out what works for you.  This goes for both diet and exercise.  Without a good diet results are just not as good as they could be, but taking the time to find the right diet to excel your weight loss and general fitness goals helps to keep you on track, thinking healthy, and not struggling so much with frustration.

One thing that most people share is that cardio is not a good choice for losing weight, though it is an important way to stay healthy.  Instead of the pain of missing goals with cardio, try a formula that works: a 5 minute body-weight warm-up, a 20-30 minute metabolic resistance training session, and a short 3-8 minute metabolic finisher.  This method gets your workout done faster and more efficiently, making it easier to stick with it even when you don’t feel like putting in the time.

Finishers are used to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.  They are a burst of energy in a small package and can be changed up when your workout needs something different to keep you from getting bored.  They are a great replacement for the long cardio workouts that many people dread because they burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

A couple of great finishers that you could use are the Triple Stop Push-Up and the Prisoner Jump Squat.  To use these two exercises together you might do several minutes of Prisoner Jump Squats followed by 5 or more Triple Stop Push Ups.  This combination works the upper and lower body, as well as your core, while keeping your heart pumping strong.

Prisoner Jump Squat:  Doing this is simple, just put your hands behind your head and squat down in proper form.  Then you burst up with the power of your legs as high as you can, and go back to the original squat position.

Triple Stop Push Up:  This is done just like a traditional push up, but you stop halfway down for one second, stop at the bottom for one second, and at the top for one second.

There are also countdown finishers, for example:  Low Box or Bench Jumps, Decline Close-Grip Push Ups, and Skater Hops.  The countdown is that you start with six reps of each, go to five, and so on until you get down to one.

These quick and easy supersets are easy to remember because they are simple bodyweight exercises.  They can be done following a workout, or anytime you feel like you need a quick burst of energy.  Exercise is good for the mind, making it easier to focus on tasks.  To get good results, find a diet that works with your body type, use finishers instead of boring cardio, and have fun!  Metabolic Resistance training followed by finishers are much more fun that cardio any day.

What type of metabolic finisher workouts do you do – if any? Comment below

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