Jump Rope for Weight Loss: Skipping Your ‘Weigh’ to Fat Loss

Skipping for Weight Loss

The jump rope lays listless and lifeless, nailed to the wall, while your treadmill ticks away like clockwork.

With each additional stride you feel your skin slick with crisco, more from the fact you spent your life’s savings on an awkward, enormous piece of equipment, all the while the answer to your prayers was before you.

The Humble Jump Rope.

Just a child’s play-thing? Or is it your secret weapon to ‘jump’ your way to weight loss?

Yes, jogging is fine. Grinding away on the ‘dreadmill’ you can’t move is fine and dandy, but that jump rope cost you less than 20 dollars and if used properly is far more effective to you help you burn fat.

One of the greatest misconceptions in our society is the thought that the greater the price tag the better the quality.

This is a sad fallacy. All you need is that rope, a little bit of motivation – and weight loss is within your grasp.

Jump Rope for Weight Loss: Looking to Lose Weight on a Budget?

The jump rope might be the most cost effective health investment you could make. Like any exercise, with the right technique and done properly, using a jump rope and skipping can be the ideal way to burn fat and trim down.

To fully appreciate the jump rope it’s important to discuss the benefits.

Benefits of Rope Jumping: Skipping Benefits

  • Cheap: First and foremost, a jump rope doesn’t cost very much. You can pick one up for a few dollars for the very standard ones and pay slightly more for the weighted skipping ropes. Failing that, you might have one in your garage already!
  • Portable: Need to carry your equipment with you? Fling it in a backpack, briefcase, or gym bag.
  • Highly Effective: But what is the real selling point of jump roping? Why is it just about one of the best exercises a person could use? When done properly, using a jump rope rivals jogging. In about 15 to 20 minutes a person can burn off an entire candy car Not only is it phenomenal for the heart, but it strengthens both the upper and lower body while searing those calories away, leading to more weight loss.
  • Use Anywhere: As well as being able to carry it anywhere, you can actually use it almost anywhere. Office? Home? Gym? Park? – Yep, you can use it in all those place and more. Quick Tip….check your ceiling height first!
  • Trigger After Burn Effect: If you’re looking to lose weight, then triggering your bodies afterburn effect will take you a huge step further. Combine a jump rope with some super-effective bodyweight exercises and your almost there!


How Many Calories Does Skipping Burn?

There are various opinions and research done on how many calories you can burn with a jump rope. It depends on a the intensity your going at, whether or not you’ll combine other exercises,  your individual endurance, technique and overall ability.

But the average seems to be around 10 calories per minute. Depending on all these factors, it is possible to burn around 700-1000 calories per hour.

Now, many people can’t and shouldn’t jump rope for an hour, but for argument’s sake, that is the amount of calories you could burn.

Jump Ropes Vs Running for Weight Loss

Many people wonder about the major differences between jogging and jump roping, and many see the jump rope as just another playground activity for kids.

But the truth of the matter is using jump rope techniques will improve your body much faster than jogging.

While jogging does has its benefits, the problem is that jogging becomes a static motion. You might be burning calories, you might be getting some cardio in, but it is too easy to plateau in jogging.

Plateau? What's That?

Our bodies are great at adapting. In-fact we've been adapting from the first human footstep - it's why we've evolved.

The same will happen when you exercise. Once your body has adapted to the new 'stress' you've put it under it will stop changing.

....this is when you'll need to change your workouts and give 'em a little bit of spice!


People think just the act of exercising is enough. The body is an adapting machine. It is designed to survive, and that is what it does with exercise. It adapts and plateaus.

A jump rope offers so many different variations that the body will never plateau, as long as you are willing to continue to change up the routine.

Using a jump rope burns more calories than jogging. 20 minutes of jogging won’t burn as many calories as 20 mins of jump rope, and on top of all this, jump roping will be kinder to your joints.

Plus, with jump rope you will be toning your upper and lower body, toning your shoulders and arms, plus your legs.

How can jogging compare to that?

Skipping for Weight Loss: Jump Rope Exercises

So, what can you do with a jump rope? Swing it? Use it as a whip? Jump over it? Well, all this is true, but let’s “jump” right in with the various exercises you can perform with a jump rope.

One of the best ways to lose weight and burn fat with with the jump rope is to take a chunk of time, say around 20 minutes, and divide it up into different exercises.

Start with a double leg jump for five minutes.

Keep shoulder blades down, chest up and swing with the wrists, not the arms. When five minutes are up, go right into two minutes of single leg jumps.

Single Leg Jumps

Pretty self explanatory, jump continuously on one leg for 30 seconds then alternate to the other leg. Keep doing this until both the two minutes are up. Then back into double leg jumps, going as fast as possible.

You can repeat this circuit.

The jump rope literally has hundreds of variations you can perform. Jump roping isn’t just about the regular skip. The variations are almost limitless.

A person can go from the regular skip, to the scissors where you move you legs back and forth, to doubles where the rope must pass below your feet twice in one jump.

This video contains 23 variations of the jump rope, and you will see just how versatile the jump rope can be.



And what if you add weights into the mixture? Say what, you might say. Well, in circuit training, you can switch up your routine. Try jump rope for a minute, then do some push ups, or light weight squats, then back into jump rope.

Quick Tip! Why Not Combine With Different Exercise Equipment?

Why not start using Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells and Battle Ropes to your Jump Rope workouts too!

Again, the variations and versatility of the jump rope will lead you to burning fat and losing weight in no time.

What Next? Your Jump Rope Workout Program

Now, you could go ahead, grab yourself a jump rope and get started. Fantastic! You’re taking positive steps – however to really see and feel the benefits of using a Jump Rope in your workouts you’ll need to have some sort of plan or action behind you.

Remember too much of the same thing will lead to the dreaded plateau coming to visit.

If you’re really serious about, changing your workouts by adding variety and most of all FUN then check out Challenge Jump Rope by Shawna Kaminski.

She not only lays out the program in an easy to follow way, but also provide all the videos and pictures too.

Using a jump rope is easy once you get the simple technique in place. Getting yourself to a level where your burning fat AND feeling good is possible. All you need to do now, is put a plan in place and let the fat burn!

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