Is Red Meat Good For You?

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This week I released a new article on the health benefits of probiotic foods – not only can adding probiotic foods to your diet boost your fat loss efforts but there’s also a lot of research that suggests these types of foods can aid with things like depression. If you missed out on the post during the week have no fear, I have provided you link to it under the link section of this email.

We’re busy here getting ready for the summer holidays. We’ve been getting the two main venues ready for the onslaught of kids we’re going to have over the summer as schools here in England start to break up for the holidays – busy busy busy!

On the fat loss front, a little birdy has told me that Chris Lopez will be releasing a new take on his kettlebell fat loss program – kettlebell finishers.

Not sure exactly when kettlebell finishers will be released but I’ll let you guys know when I know more.

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1. Are Probiotic Foods The New Prozac?

We’ll start off by carrying on from what I was speaking about during the week – probiotic foods. If my post interested you Dr. Mercola has a fantastic article here following up on some of things I alread mentioned

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3. Is Red Meat Good For You?

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