How To Trim Down: 25 Minute Fat Burning Workout

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That can get really boring though.....

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How to Trim Down in 25 Minutes: 25 Minute Fat Burning Workout

The world is changing.

  1. No more long boring cardio.
  2. No more spending huge amounts of money on gym memberships
  3. No more ineffective old school methods

Okay maybe not the world…but the fitness industry for definite IS changing.

People have, for far too long, believed in ineffective, long and downright dangerous workouts. You know those 60 minute ‘sessions’ you spend in the gym slogging it out on the ‘Dreadmill’? Yep, if you’re trying to lose weight and get that sexy trimmed body you don’t need a ‘dreadmill’.

What about those exercise bikes? Nope you don’t need them either!

Nor the elliptical trainer. Nor the cross-trainer – none of them.

In-fact not only can you lose weight without any type of equipment these days but you can do it in less than half the time.

‘Wait…No equipment? Man, I loved that equipment!’

Of course we can still use dumbbells, ropes, suspension trainers, kettlebells and other great free weight equipment. Howeverm where machines are concerned, I’d stay well away.

This is fantastic news for you. Why? Well if you’re a gym goer, then theres a very good chance that half the machines (especially the cardio ones) are almost always full up any way.

You can use any of the equipment I’ve just listed above in your own little space in the corner of the gym.

In-fact, this is even better new for those of you who don’t even go to the gym. You can now workout at home without even leaving your front door. Want to use some equipment? Well, you won’t have to pay more to have you huge machine installed in your front room that’s for sure!

All of the equipment I listed above can be stored in a small space anywhere in your house.

Anyway, today I want to give you a free trim down workout that only takes 25 minutes to do. This workout is a pure bodyweight workout which means you won’t need any equipment at all.

That said, you can replace any of the exercises below with free-weight alternatives.

So without further ado, here’s you free 25 Minute Trim Down workout!



Warm Up: 

30 Seconds Each

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Standard Push Ups
  3. Bodyweight Squats
  4. Bird Dog
  5. Plank

Length of Exercises: 30 Seconds Each

Structure: No rest between exercises

Repetition: Dynamic Stretches for 30 Seconds after last exercise and repeat one more time

Once completed rest 1 minute and go into….

Workout Phase 1 

1a) Let Me In’s (30 Seconds)

1b) Bodyweight Good Mornings (30 Seconds)

Recovery: No rest between exercises

Repetition: Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 more times

Rest 1 minute then go onto…

2a) Close Grip Push Ups (30 Seconds)

2b) Prisoner Squats (30 Seconds)

Structure: No rest between exercises

Repetition: Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 more times

Rest 1 minutes then go onto….

Workout Phase 2

  1. Burpees
  2. Prone Skydiver
  3. Alternating Lunges
  4. Bodyweight Rows
  5. Wall Sit
  6. Mountain Climbers

Length of Exercises: 30 Seconds Each

Structure: No rest between each exercise

Repetition: Rest  90 seconds after last exercise and repeat one more time

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