How To Burn Fat Lifting Weight

How To Burn Fat Lifting Weights: Fast Fat Loss

Getting in shape has been a worldwide challenge ever since the birth of processed foods. From being overweight to having cardiac complications, fat gain is commonly associated to living an unhealthy way of life.

There are various ways to combat this from change of nutrition to daily exercise. Little positive steps that are consciously made each and every day, are steps in the right direction.

One of those steps is resistance workouts – or ‘lifting weights’ as it’s more commonly described as. Very few people actually know about the power of resistance workouts in their effectiveness to fat loss. In-fact when-ever someone asks me a question about working out and trying to ‘lose weight’ I often reply with ‘Have you ever thought about using resistance training in your workouts?’ – The answer I get in response is one or more of the following…

5 Common excuses people use on why they don’t lift

How To Burn Fat Lifting Weight

Using weight training in your workouts can have a real positive effect on your fat loss efforts

Lifting is hard

When people hear weight lifting they often visualize those body builders who lift hundreds of pounds at a time either thru bench pressing or deadlifting in the Olympics. The fact that they think it’s hard, makes people think lifting is “overdoing” the exercise. What people don’t realize is that weight lifting can simply be any amount of weight. No one can start at 300 lbs. and even if they could I’m sure they won’t last after a single repetition. Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s not every day that beginners can lift twice their bodyweight.

Lifting makes you bigger

This is a common excuse women make all the time.  Although this is partially true, let’s not forget that this is also partially false. Lifting light weights won’t get you bigger as much as they will get you leaner. What people often see on T.V. are products of months to years of careful dieting and increasing strength levels which are often aided by tons of barbell lifting and even more protein shakes. For the most part, lifting makes you smaller in that it reduces your fat volume and concentrates all the mass in a smaller yet denser muscle tissue.

Lifting is for those involved in sports or at a more advanced level

While most athletes do lift weights, it is not by far exclusive to them. Just because you don’t have to wrestle a 300 lb. guy in a one-on-one match doesn’t mean you don’t have to train your strength. Strength is the foundation of our very existence as human beings. Strength is at the core of our daily lives when it comes to everyday tasks. If we don’t train our strength then how can our body be ready for events that require strength? It doesn’t have to be something as major as saving a man trapped under a debris but it can be as simple as lifting your groceries on the second floor when you have to use the stairs to get there.

Lifting is not cardio

The good thing about lifting is that if you do it properly it can even surpass cardio. Lifting weights aren’t solely limited to using heavy barbells. Using properly structured resistance workouts in your training will actually burn more fat than your regular cardio.

Lifting makes you heavier

This is much related to excuse number two. The goal of weight lifting is to reduce body fat and increase strength. Muscles mass is also increased this way. You gain weight because muscle tissue is much denser than fat tissue. But the good thing about this is that although muscles are heavier, they are leaner therefore muscles will reduce your clothes size a couple of numbers down.


Benefits of lifting weights

Makes you stronger

This is the primary reason why we should lift weights. Life is full of surprises and you may never know when a sudden event in your life will require your body’s full strength to succeed.

Makes you healthier

Lifting weights can optimize your body’s efficiency when it comes to nutrition absorption and overall metabolism. This also helps you burn fat at a faster rate.

Makes you look and feel good

This is what most people look forward to. Lifting weights will help define your muscles and make you instantly look like a better version of yourself.

Lifting weights can boost your strength, increase your metabolic rate, and burn fat all at the same time. Lifting weights, often not only burns a lot of fat but also increases muscle mass therefore making our bodies much more efficient when it comes to fat burning even without exercise. If done correctly, lifting weights can even be a better alternative for most cardio exercises.

Next time you enter the gym, have a second thought about what equipment to use – you might just end up starting to see success 😉

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