Grass Fed Beef Benefits

Grass fed beef has been growing in popularity over the years, but we are actually going back to grass fed beef, like the way our grandparents and great-grandparents used to eat.  Beef that is classified as grass fed is always fed grass in pastures, or sometimes hay as it is also grass.  They are able to graze comfortably as they should, giving them peaceful and happy lives.  The grasses that they graze on are varied like in nature, not just one kind of grass, and they eat the grasses that their bodies need at that time.

Raising Grass Fed Beef

Raising beef in this way takes a while longer because they are not being force-fed grains that are not a natural part of their diet.  It can take a year longer for ranchers and small-time farmers to raise a full sized animal for slaughter, and that does raise the price of the meat, but the price difference is well worth the extra cost that you pay.  Calves are kept with their mothers generally from birth to 6-9 months, drinking their milk for that time, and then are usually weaned by their mothers to an exclusive grass diet.  When a veterinarian visits for vaccines or any other reason, the visits are always tracked and any instances of antibiotics remove it from being classified as naturally grass-fed.

Cooking Grass Fed Beef

Cooking grass-fed beef can take some getting used to because it requires less cooking time.  It is leaner, with less fat marbling it, but the meat does not need it because there is good flavor to the meat.  With less fat content, it is important to make sure not to overcook it because it can get tough if you do.  Try for a rare to medium rare cooking time to get the best the meat has to offer.

Grass Fed Beef Taste

The flavor of the meat is stronger, more natural.  It is how the meat should taste and is very satisfying if cooked correctly.  The enjoyment of the meat will depend on how it is cooked, but if the meat is not overcooked it will be tender and delicious.  Some believe that it is tough and gamey, but it really depends on how it is cooked.  However, grass fed beef flavor is affected by the grasses the animal eats, the terrain it lives in, and the water it drinks.

Where Can You Buy Grass Fed Beef?

Grass fed beef is still a niche market, but it is growing.  As a niche market there are less suppliers and it is more expensive that commercial grown beef, but the cost is worth the benefits.  Many markets now carry grass fed beef because many people have demanded that they have access to good, healthy foods that are environmentally friendly and better for the animals.  Buying the beef from ranches is a great option because you can pick out your animal or even start a “cow pool”.  A cow pool is where families go in on the price on a whole cow together to get the best price and plenty of fresh, good meat for their freezers.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

The benefits of grass fed beef are plentiful.  For our bodies, we are able to eat leaner meat with better flavor, plus you can eat less of it but enjoy it much more.  The animals benefit by living better lives in a calm environment in pastures rather than being crammed together being pumped full of steroids to make them grow faster and antibiotics to combat the sicknesses they get while in such cramped living situations.  The Earth benefits because there is less pollution.  Raising grass fed beef is a more natural and healthy solution for us, the animals, and the world we live in.


If you are able to afford the price difference in grass fed beef, it is a great change to your diet.  The wonderful flavor of the meat lets you feel satiated with less of it, meaning you can eat less and be happy with the portion.  With all of the talk about how steroids, antibiotics and food additives in our meat supply can affect us, this really is a great way to live a healthier life.

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