The Good Bad And The Ugly


Good Food Vs Bad Food

Okay….okay, enough is enough…..

I was sitting down watching a film with my girlfriend earlier, and what comes on during the ads?

Another McDonalds advert.

“delicious….succulent……heavenly were all the words they were using in promoting their new burger. But of course, I weren’t having a bar of it, and I hope if any of my subscribers have caught the same ad recently you weren’t either! Now I’ll give credit where credits due, they know their stuff when it comes to marketing. In-fact Mcdonalds are probably one of the best (if not THE best) company when it comes to marketing. They know their stuff that’s for sure.

But so should you.

You should know what you are putting in your body, you should know that if you eat too much you will be living will the consequences not that far down the line. You should know that living on McDonalds isn’t the way forward, you should know that big fast food and junk food companies spend million upon billions a year in getting their message across to you – you should know how to say no!

Today were going to talk about good food and bad food.

Good Foods

(The Good….)

Foods that are classed as good foods will;

1. Increase your concentration

2. Increase your brain power

3. Enhance your mood

4. Decrease stress levels

5. Fight against cancer

6. Slow down the aging process

7. Help body fight common colds and flu

8. Increase the health of your hair, skin and nails

So what are good foods? 

  • Living Foods and Raw Foods

Well let’s start off by talking about living foods or raw foods. Foods that are classed as living foods or raw foods have not been cooked in any way, not even frozen. These foods are still in the orignianl state, and contain all their food enzymes. Food enzymes from food suchs as raw fruits and vegatables are needed to balance our metabolism.

  • Organic Foods

Foods that are classed as organic, are foods that contain no chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Carbs……(The good ones!)

Good carbs are foods like fruits and wholemeal breads, grains, and rice. These types of carbs are also known as complex carbs.

  • Good Protein

Lean meat and vegetable proteins are examples of good proteins.

  • Good Fats……(Yes fat is GOOD for us!)

Most people seem to think if the want to shed some pound they must eliminate all fatty foods from their diet. Not true. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) cannot be  produced in our body, so we must get them from elsewhere. Pumpkin and and sunflower seeds and fish a good examples of EFA’s.

  • Unprocessed Foods

In other words, foods that have not had anything added or taken away from them. Unprocessed foods are food that are still in their original state. Reading food labels correctly will help you in distinguishing between processed and unprocessed foods.

Bad Foods

(The Bad….)

Foods that are classed as bad foods will;

1. Cause weight gain

2. Give you mood swings

3. Weaken immune system

4. Start to have an effect on our concentration

5. Promote toxic activity within our bodies

6. Leave us feeling tired

7. Speed up the aging process

So what are bad fats?

  • Bad Carbs

If we’ve had good carbs, you can bet on it we’re gonna have bad carbs as well. Instead of being complex, bad carbs are also known as simple carbs. Examples of simple carbs are cakes, sweets, chocolates, sugar or processed white rice.

  • Non-Organic Foods

Foods that have been sprayed with fertilizers are pesticides.

  • Bad Fats

Saturated and hydrogenated fats are bad fats. Red meat, cheese and butter are examples of saturated fat, and margerine, chips and chocolates are examples of hydrogenated fat.

  • Processed Foods

Processed foods are foods that have been changed from it’s original state. Packaged foods like quick microwaveable meals are an example of processed foods.

 ……and the ugly?

Like a mentioned above you need to know the difference between good foods and bad foods. Just because Mr McDonald is telling you that his burger is “delicious….succulent……heavenly” doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. I’ll admit, the burger probably does taste absolutely gorgeous! I know however that I can go and eat a homemade chicken salad, that costs less, fills me up more, makes me feel better and helps me stay in shape.

You have a choice when it comes to eating. What’s your choice?

Good Foods or Bad Foods?

Take Care & Keep Focused,



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