Goal Setting For Fat Loss – How to set goals to lose fat fast

Goal Setting For Fat Loss

Today we’re going to talk about goal setting. I set myself goals in everything I do in life. Without giving myself goals to achieve I would never….ever get anything done! It’s just the way I am!

Now when a new client comes to me and says, “Chris, I want to lose weight” my natural response is “No you don’t!” and at this point I normally have people looking at me as if I have three heads, but it’s true. After a few seconds pause, and odd look from the person standing in front of me, I eventually break the awkward silence.

“You don’t want to lose weight, you want to burn fat

You need to understand that weight loss is not what you are trying to achieve. In fact take this example, John, your regular guy who stands at about 5”10 and weighs in at just over 12 stone. To look at, John looks fantastic! Ripped abs, perfectly shaped arms with a broad muscular back, not an ounce fat on him!

Now take Craig. Craig stands at 5”6 and weighs in at 11 stone. To look at Craig, you would say he’s let himself go in recent years. Before he puts his clothes on every morning, he takes a look in the mirror. He’s not happy with the way he looks, not only does he have unwanted fat round his midsection, but he can see that he’s put weight on chest and his face looks rounder than it did 5 years ago.

Who weighs more? John of course, but who would you say is happier with the way they look?

John again!

Without getting into the science of fat and muscle, (I’ll leave that for another post) you need to realize that it’s not weight you want to lose, its fat.

At this point in the conversation, the person that I’m talking to looks at me with a look that says only one thing,


When I get that look, I know were getting somewhere!

Now they’ve identified its fat burning they want to achieve, it’s time for the next stage, goal setting, which all said and done is what this post is about! When setting your goals, you always want to have the end goal in your mind.

So let’s say your goal is; To lose 25 pounds before your wedding in the summer so you can fit into smaller dress.

So now you’ve identified what you goal is it’s time to put it to the test using the SMART principle.


What’s The SMART Principle? 

SMART stands for;





Time Phased

So let’s plug our example into the SMART Principle.

Specific – Is our goal specific? –  Yes! We know how much we want to lose, when we want to lose it for and why.

Measurable – Can it be measured? Yes! We have given our self a goal of burning 25 pounds of fat. So with that, at the end of ever four weeks we can measure how far away we our from our end goal.

Achievable – Is our goal achievable? Yes, as long as we keep it achievable! No matter what happens we will not let anyone or anything get in the way of us achieving our goal!!

Realistic – Is our goal realistic? We would need to lose on average just over 4 pounds a month. Sticking to a healthy nutrition plan and a well written exercise program, we can defiantly say our goal is realistic.

Time Phased – Have we put a time on when we should reach our goal by? Yes! We want to reach our goal by the summer. That gives us 6 months (starting from January of course) to put the hard work in! You must give yourself an end date!


If your goal fits perfectly into the SMART principle, then you’re ready to move onto the last phase of the motivation module of the Fantastic 3, but before we go into that, grab yourself a piece a paper and write down your goal, making sure it fits into the SMART principle.

Remember if your struggling with something like motivation, then set yourself smaller targets. Setting yourself goals and reaching those goals, is the perfect way to stay motivated.


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