Half empty of Half Full?

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Half empty of Half Full?One of the biggest barriers to getting fit and healthy I come across is the person themselves. People really are their own worst enemies.

I hear things like;

‘I’m too old to start exercising’

‘I’ve always been like this – I’ll never change’

‘My parents never really brought me up on a healthy diet, so it’s not my fault’

The way you talk, and the phrases you use on a daily basis will have a direct impact on your thought process and feelings.

If you find yourself talking negatively all the time, there’s a good chance that your body language will be negative, your thoughts will be negative, the conversations you have will your family, friends co-workers will be negative – negativity will creep into every part of your life.

However, if you start thinking positively, the table turns dramatically.

In this post I want to give you an alternative way of thinking. For every negative thought you have – replace it with a positive one.

So here are some phrases you can start using straight away;

  1. I’m too old to start exercising => I’m never too old to start anything (I have an uncle who in his 70’s took up a new hobby)
  2. I’ve always been like this – I’ll never change => I know with a bit of hard work and commitment I can change the way I feel and look
  3. My parents never really brought me up on a healthy diet, so it’s not my fault => I must take responsibility of the way I look and feel. If I start planning and organizing my meals and give myself goals and targets to reach – I will start to see results.
  4. I can’t exercise – I have no time => I will sit down and make time. If I have time to watch TV – I have time to exercise. I am doing this for MY health.

As you can see, whatever mental barrier you put up there is always a positive solution. If you believe you will never change – then there’s a very good chance you will never change.

If however, you believe in yourself, you tell yourself over and over again that you can change, that you can eat right, you can start exercising – you will.

That’s the power of positive thinking.

How do I know? Well in my own life I have been a victim of negative thinking. I have suffered from depression; I know what it’s like to get bogged down by thinking the whole world is against me.

I also know the power of positive thinking.

By making a conscious decision to think positive and exercising regularly and having a good support network round me I was able to pull myself out of depression.

I didn’t want any medication. I was determined to beat it myself.

Do I still get days where I feel sad? Of course.

Do I still have times where I think negative? Of course.

Sometimes I still have to make a conscious decision to think positive. Everyone does.

If you allow yourself to get caught up in negative thinking – you life will follow.

So next time you have thoughts of not being able to start exercising, not being good enough, being to old or blaming it on someone else – tell yourself you are wrong!

I can do it. You can do it.

Together we can all do it.


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