Get Motivated. Stay Motivated: 4 FLC Motivational Articles

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Without any motivation we’re going to find it pretty hard to get out of bed, let alone lose weight. I’ve said it many times here on FLC, everything you ever do, whether that be creating a new workout, preparing your food in advanced or even something completely outside the realms of fat loss starts up in the brain.

You need to get motivated.

But getting motivated is winning the battle – you still need to win the war.Many people succeed in getting motivated only to fall back down again.


Because they never maintained that motivation.

Getting motivated and staying motivated is one almighty key for successful weight loss.

Here are 4 posts I have previously written about to get you started on your journey to success;

1. Yesterday I Needed a Kick Up The Backside

This post I wrote sometime ago but reading back on it, it still has the same effect as it did when I first wrote it! If you’re feeling a little low, or you’re struggling to get up and started today (or even this week) then read this short post.

It might just be the kick up the backside you needed.

Kick Yourself up the Backside

2. The Power of Setting Goals

If the above post didn’t do the trick then, it maybe you need a little bit more of a plan to get you started. Using the SMART principle to set your goals will ensure you don’t go too far wrong. In this post I explain a little more about the SMART principle and how you can apply it to your own life to start reaching those goals.

The Cornerstone to Successful Fat Loss

3. I HATE Perfectionism 

After a weekend away with Laura, I remembered something that took me ages to put right – reaching for perfectionism. I’m a big planner, I believe strongly in having goals, but trying to get it ‘just right’ can be a massive motivation killer. 

How to Stop Aiming For Perfectionism and Start Taking Take Action

4. The Psychology of Strength Review

The BIG one is here. I’ve waited for something like this for so long now. A program from an expert, that not only teaches your about getting in the right ‘zone’ or mindset but also helps you in planning and mastering the psychological game!

Read my Psychology of Strength Review here if your interested about taking your training and life to whole new level!

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