In yesterday’s article I stressed the importance of forgetting about cardio and replacing it with metabolic resistance training. Today I’m going to go into more depth on MRT so you can understand why you should be including it in your workouts. 

What is Metabolic Resistance Training?

Metabolic Resistance Training (or MRT for short) is training large muscle groups (plus some) at high intensity, with minimal recovery time. It involves using resistance and high intensity interval training. 

As time has progressed, MRT has evolved. We’ve gone from combining resistance exercises in the 4-8 rep range with interval training, to the addition of Metabolic Conditioning and Metabolic Density Training. 

Now for the complete beginner all these ‘technical’ terms may seem a bit scary but there’s no need to worry as everything will be simplified in a second 😉

All you need to know for now is, in order to burn fat and get that slender toned body you need to be using resistance training. This can involve anything from bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball and suspension training exercise. This is of course NOT a complete list. 

Now we know we should be using some sort of resistance in our workouts, it’s time to explain how we will structuring these workouts for maximum fat burning. 

The Power of 3

To keep things simple I like to stick with ‘The Power of 3’ – there are 3 words I need you to focus on. Nothing else, just these 3 words. 




Superset Training

Supersets are slightly different. Supersets are where you combine only two exercises together one after another with minimal rest between exercises. 

There are two ways to perform Supersets. 

1. One upper body exercise then one lower body exercise. Eg. Dumbbell Flies (upper body) + Bodyweight Squats (lower body)

2. One push exercise and then one pull exercise. Eg. Push Ups (push for chest) + Bodyweight Rows (pull for back)


Circuit Training

Most people will already know what circuit training is. But for those of you who aren’t quite sure, here’s a definition for you;

Circuit training, is when 3 or more exercises are performed after one another with minimal rest between exercises. 

So for example; you pick dumbbell flies, bodyweight squats and jumping jacks as your 3 exercises. You would perform each exercises for number of reps without resting in-between exercises. Once you have finished your 3 exercises, you will have completed a whole circuit. You would then normally repeat the circuit 3-5 times. 

You can of course add more exercises to the circuit and decrease the amount of circuits you do. 


Complexes aren’t complex. They’re actually really simple. Complexes are similar to to circuits in the way the require 3 or more exercises, but where you would have minimal rest with circuits (minimal rest referring to the time between changing exercises), with complexes there is no rest between exercises. 

Choose one piece of equipment and perform 3 or more exercises with that one piece of equipment. This cuts out the ‘rest’ between exercises. 

For example, if we choose a barbell, we would perform 5 exercises for 6 reps each one after another and the rest time would be when we finished that last exercise. 


Super Effective Fat Loss

By using these three methods in your workouts you will see amazing results. Not only with you burn a serious amount fat but you also be sculpting a lean sexy body at the same time. 

Not a single cardio machine in sight. 

The great advantage to these types of workouts is that they take very little time to complete. You’ll have got changed, performed your workout got washed and changed again and back to work while other people are still slogging out on the cardio machine. 

And the best thing? You’ll have burnt so much more fat in less time. 



Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training

In this day and age we have very little time between family commitments, work and other ‘stuff’ that takes up our time. We all want to be healthy and live a strong fulfilling life. Metabolic resistance training allows us to do this by burning fat in record time. 

You need MRT in your life. 

If you thought this article was helpful, you’re really going to like Turbulence Training 2.0. Turbulence Training 2.0 (TT for short) is a fool proof fat loss system created by Craig Ballantyne that allows you to live a long fulfilling healthy life. 

What I haven’t gone into much detail on in this article is sets. reps and rest periods. Craig has this covered in his follow along program. 

The fantastic advantage to TT 2.0 is you can follow along each and every single workout using the videos

Workout from Turbulence Training 2.0

Workout video from Turbulence Training 2.0

he provides. Not only that but you’ll be able to add hundreds of exercises to your ‘exercise arsenal’ to ensure you’re never short of fat burning workout again. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and finally change the way you look you can find out more about Turbulence Training here. 

Take care, stay focused and torch that fat in record time with MRT. 

To Your Success, 

Chris Sherlock

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