5 Healthy Snacks You Can Slot Straight Into Your Daily Routine

Let’s be fair, life is hard enough at the best of times – so I like to keep things simple.

In a day and age where people are so busy, packaged meals have become the easy quick fix when people are out and about.

In-fact you don’t even have to carry a packaged meal around with you all day – nooooo, we wouldn’t want that now would we! Just to be even lazier we could jump across the road and get a McDonalds!

It’s the times we live in. As people, we’re getting lazier, due to that we’re getting bigger and unhealthier.

However it doesn’t need to be like that.

In fact, sometimes you don’t even need to carry a packaged meal around with you all day – you don’t even need to leave the office to stay fit.

With bodyweight workouts and the healthy snacks you can have – we don’t have to be lazy!

With that said, today I want to give 10 healthy snacks you can take with you anywhere you go. (Well almost anywhere – airports are so fussy these days!)

1. Almonds

Now I’m a bit of a raw kind of guy. I’ll eat these babies straight out of the packet – although there are other ways to eat ‘em.  Almonds are full of healthy fats, high in protein and are a good source of vitamin E. Hint if you’re going to eat raw out of the packet make sure you have a bottle of water – otherwise you’ll have a mouth as dry as ghandi’s flip flop.


2.  Greek Yoghurt

You could mix some Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit to get your daily does of fiber. The great thing about Greek yogurt is that it’s high in protein.

3. Nutritional Bars

Protein bars are great for on the go. Make sure you compare the nutritional labels first – some bars are marketed as healthy, but on deeper inspection their not. If you’re worried about companies trying to pull the wool over your eyes then make your own.

4. Boiled Eggs

Again, if you’re going to eat a bolied egg on its own, you might want to reach for your bottle of water! Eggs are high in protein and can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease – a massive killer in the western world.

5. Dried Fruit

This is something I learnt from my 7 year brother believe it or not! Of course I knew dried fruit was healthy, but I never thought about bringing it around with me until one day, Billy (that’s my brother name) popped up and asked Mum for some ‘dried fruit’. Ahh I said to myself – a great little snack for on the go!

This little list was designed just to get your brain thinking. You don’t have to have any of the above foods, but if it gets you thinking about other alternatives then great!

Again, with all the underhand marketing these days you could, in a around about way be excused for sometimes making the wrong decisions. The key to this one is preparation.

Do your research before you buy anything like nutritional bars and stock your cupboards with the healthy options.

Here’s a little something for you that I hope will help….

A few weeks ago I was doing the shopping. I do well at staying away from the unhealthy options. I know if I have healthy options in my cupboards and fridge I’ll eat healthy – I’ve got no other choice really.

However this one particular time I went shopping, and on my way round I spotted a Swiss-roll. Now for those of you that don’t know what a Swiss-roll is, let me just tell you quickly.

It’s like a sponge cake filled with jam. O it’s absolutely heaven I tell ya! I used to love these things as a kid. Mum would never buy it for me because she’s sensible. So after school if I had enough money left over I would jump into the nearest shop and grab myself one of these swiss-rolls.

My guilty-pleasure I hear you say? Nah! I never felt guilty after eating one of these bad boys! Innocent-pleasure!

Anyway, I went ahead and bought it. I got home and sliced a bit off. YUM! I haven’t had one in years. Once slice turned into 2 slices, which turned into 5 slices, which turned into….Swiss-roll gone.

I’d ate the whole thing in the space of 20 minutes!

Goes to prove that if you buy it you will eat it! – Healthy or not!

Since growing up I now know that Swiss-rolls are not exactly the healthiest of options, so I won’t be having another one for a while – apart from the fact it’s not healthy what-so-ever…the girlfriend don’t like them…..!

So next time try and resist the temptation – yeah of course, have your innocent pleasures (as I like to call ‘em!) now and again, but make sure you never over do it.

Anyway that’s me done for today!

Take Care, Keep Focused


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