Diet Free Weekends Solution: Can you commit to a diet free weekend?

Diet Free Weekends Solution Review

Let me bring you back to when I was studying back in college for a minute.

A young (I still am mind you) ‘man’ in my late teens studying to become a personal trainer. It was pretty intensive stuff. 9-5 every day at least, with added work when I got home to make sure I understood every single method, theory and ‘fat loss cycle’ – and I don’t mean jumping on your favourite two-wheel mode of transport.

Weekends (like most young ‘men’) were for going out and completely forgetting about these methods, theories and cycles and enjoying myself – which did inevitable involve a mass panick come Sunday evening preparing my bag for the next day.

It wasn’t just my studies I forgot about though. Nope, with the drinking and sometimes not arriving home until the late morning (usually due to spending the last of my weekly budget on a girl I met at the bar) there was one other thing that got left at the college doors when I left on a Friday afternoon. My diet.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t eat. Of course I ate, but it normally consisted of maybe a kebab with it’s one soggy leaf of lettuce or a late night pizza with the lads. One thing;s for sure – I sure wasn’t getting up and making broccoli & chicken!

What I didn’t know at the time, is that it was this exact diet ‘schedule’ that allowed me not only enjoy my weekend ‘binges’ without feeling guilty but also (unknowingly, I’ll admit) stay lean without piling the weight on from my kebabs, pizza and soggy, greasy lettuce leafs.

In-fact, it’s the same sort of ‘diet’ that you can employ too. You can eat your favourite foods at the weekend without feeling guilty and still burn fat. By adopting what I now know as ‘Diet Free Weekends’. You’ll be able to;

  • Give your brain a much needed break
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Take some regular time off from your diet and stay motivated in the long term
  • Enjoy the time you spend eating your favourite foods
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Stop feeling guilty about over indulging on a Sunday
  • Return back to Monday’s ready to attack the week again and while decreasing your body fat

So when I heard Mikey ‘Pancakes’ Whitfield had released a new diet program named Diet Free Weekends Solution – I had to check it out.

What is Diet Free Weekends Solution?

Diet Free Weekends is effectively a 7 day diet repeated each week. DFWS focuses on what’s called ‘Diet Intervals’ – this is where you’ll be eating strategically throughout the week. The idea behind the program is that you’ll go through 3 different cycles in a week, and eat accordingly to each one of those cycles.

Day 1-3: Focuses on accelerating your fat loss

Day 4: Focuses on resetting your metabolism

Day 5-7: Focuses on recharging your body and increasing your fat burning hormones.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what Mike’s trying to get across.

If you imagine the whole program as a cycle like the picture below;

Using the simple principle Diet Free Weekends is using, it would make perfect sense that by going through a calorie deficit diet through days 1, 2, & 3 after a heavy calorie weekend.

It would also make sense that we would then count these calories on a daily basis to ensure we’re consuming the right amount – right?



As Mike states on the homepage (under the ‘Strip Fat Without EVER Stressing About ‘When Can I Cheat?’ [half way down]), Diet Free Weekend Solution actually takes a another angle. Instead of counting calories on a daily basis it uses a hormonal approach to fat loss.

Your hormones will influence;

  • Moods
  • Cravings
  • Energy
  • Hunger

..and ultimately control your metabolism.

Your Hormones & Fat Loss

The key to using your hormones is that instead of counting the amount of calories you’re eating, you actually become a lot smarter to the types of calories you’re eating. Once you do this you’ll start to become more aware of your hunger, energy and craving levels after eating these hormonal friendly food’.

From here, you’ll almost be able to single-handedly, instantly change the way you feel after eating. This is pretty powerful stuff.

This is what Diet Free Weekends Solution aims to do – and in the process you’ll have a calorie deficit over a week. Which is a lot easier to track than doing it on a daily basis – and that’s not even taking the amount of stress you’ll save yourself!


In-fact, by following the plan (which I’ll talk about in a second) you won’t have to worry about counting calories at all.

By the time you reach Friday, Saturday & Sunday, your body will have already been primed and will effectively be able to ‘take the hit’ from a few days of eating your favourite foods. When Monday comes back round, you’ll have given your body a rest from the hormonal friendly foods and you’ll be ready to attack the week again.

If you’re someone who struggles with motivation and rebound weight gain – Diet Free Weekends might be the missing piece of the puzzle for you.

‘You’re effectively counting hormones NOT calories’

So with that said, what’s Mike actually selling?

Diet Free Weekends Manual: Day to day plan that will walk you through exactly what to eat and when. This is pretty much the key to the program here. Follow it and all the guess work will be eliminated. Simple plan with simple instructions.

Diet Free Weekends Quick Start Guide: Great to get you going in a matter of a couple of minutes from now. (seconds if you’re on the home page)- Easy to read, and beautifully presented, the Quick Start Guide will be your go-to daily sheet.

Diet Free Weekends Success Guide & Tracking Journal: ’ve come from and ultimately where you’re going. This will be your little motivational tool. Great way to stay on top of your game.


+ two separate bonus’.

Diet Free Weekends Solution Review: Con’s

  • I would have liked to have seen a workout manual to complement the program. By combining the plan in the Diet Free Weekends manual with an effective fat loss workout program you’ll start to see some great results.

Diet Free Weekends Solution Review: Pro’s

  • Quick start guide: I love quick start guides. You’ll be able to download the program in seconds, head straight to the quick start guide and get all the essentials you need – huge time saver and great for motivation too.
  • 4 day cycle: This isn’t some long month diet cycle – It’s only 4 days. If you’re a little concerned about having 3 days ‘off’ go for two. Either or, it pretty darn simple to follow.
  • 7 Days: Overall the whole program is 7 days. That’s it. It doesn’t require you to hang on for weeks on end and by the time Sunday comes you’ll probably be glad to get back to normal. Fantastic if you struggle with motivation.


Diet Free Weekend Tips

Here a few tips to help you along the way with Diet Free Weekend Solution;

  • Aim for 5 Days: If you want to progress it and challenge yourself a little more, aim for 5 days on (extending the program through Friday) and 2 days off.
  • Add Home Workout / Bodyweight Workouts: Combine the diet approach in the main manual with an easy home exercise program
  • Add Metabolic Workouts: Progress it even further with slightly longer metabolic workouts
  • Listen to your body: See what foods effect your; energy, craving and hunger levels and eat accordingly to that – you’ll be amazed how in-control you’ll feel.


Overall, having a diet free weekend can help tremendously with your motivation. With rebound weight gain a huge problem for a lot of people when it comes to trying to lose weight, you don’t have to commit to a stupidly long 6 month ‘diet program’. You don’t even have to commit for a whole month.

You’ll commit for 4 days (or 5 if you’d prefer to progress it up a level.) and then rest. This approach is far easier to keep and stay on track with and measure progress.

Of course, you’ll have to follow the main manual throughout the week to start seeing results and cheating through the week could hinder your results. That said though, wouldn’t it be better have something to look forward to at the weekend?!

To really ‘up the ante’ you could add in some workouts, whether that be bodyweight and /or some extremely effective metabolic workouts with heavier resistance. Taking a 3-4 day workout approach would be more than enough to compliment the diet.

With Diet Free Weekends Solution you’ll be able to eat your favourite foods at the weekend while not having to commit to a stupidly long program. Combine this with a moderate workout program and you’ll start to see some fantastic results.

If you’re someone who struggle with motivation, DFWS could be just what you’re looking for!


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