Control Hunger Naturally

8 Ways to Control Hunger Naturally Without Getting Stressed

Looking for some natural ways to control your hunger?

Here’s are 8 ways to control your hunger naturally without getting stressed!

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #1: Protein is Your Friend

I have a friend. Well I have a few friends.

But one in particular…..

He kept telling me he’s on this diet, that diet and another diet.

He also kept complaining that he falling off whatever diet he was on at the time.

It usually goes something like this;

Week 1:

‘Hey, me and girlfriend on the ‘eat-nothing-but-broccoli diet’ – we’re doing well. 3 days so far!’

Week 2:

‘We’ve fallen off a bit in the last few days’

End of Week 2:

‘Yeah, we’re struggling with our diet. Hopefully next week we’ll be back on track.’

And round, and round, and round and round it goes until he looks back and notices he made no real progress at all.

What a waste of precious time.

Of course, being the good friend I gave him some pointers – one of them was, adding more protein to his food.

It took a while but we got there.

Have a go. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #2: Drink More Water

How can something sooooo simple be so hard to keep doing on a consistent basis?

I mean, how easy is it to pour yourself a glass of water every few hours and drink it?

Apparently – very hard.

Here’s something I’ve noticed that works for me a lot better.

I’m a serial fridge-opener.

I can’t help but walk past the fridge and open it to see anything catches my eye. You know how it goes.

You open the fridge. Nothing takes your fancy.

You go sit back down.

Go back in the kitchen and take another look as if Aliens riding in from another planet snuck into your house without you noticing and landed a big juicy chocolate cake in the fridge ready to eat.

Not going to happen.

But there’s a huge opportunity here my friend.

Stick a load of bottles of water in your fridge. Honestly, as cheesy and stupid as it sounds I’ve found it works for me.


It only works if you’re committed though. If you REALLY WANT to drink more water and you see the untold amount of benefits of swapping your fizzy drink for some bottled water then you’ll find this will work a treat.

If you just see it as ‘another thing to do’ then your success rate might be far lower my young Jedi.

So let the force of the bottled water draw you in 😉

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #3: DON’T Forget About Breakfast!

Here’s another one that seems to be more difficult than it should be.

Eating breakfast.

I love salmon and scrambled eggs in the morning.


Oh! My taste buds are doing their thhaaaanng!

Where was I? Oh yeah – breakfast.

Whether it’s because ‘we haven’t got enough time’ or we simply ‘can’t eat early in the mornings’ – breakfast seems to be that meal in the day that people don’t mind giving a miss.

What I find, if I’ve missed breakfast one day I’ll end up snacking on all sorts of foods throughout the day – at least until I get a proper meal inside me.

And even then, that ‘proper meal’ might turn into a huge feast that not only stuffs up to my neck but completely throws my hormones off balance.

It doesn’t have a too be a huge breakfast but getting in the habit of eating breakfast every morning will defiantly support you in keeping your hunger at bay.

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #4: Plan Ahead of Time

This one does take a little bit of practice.

If planning was that easy everyone would do it. Problem is most people make a plan up in their head; take action (if they take any action at all!) and then give up when something goes wrong.


Because they weren’t being SMART.

Hey, I’m not saying they’re not SMART – I’m sure they’re very smart people in fact. But in this instance they probably weren’t.

You might know what I’m on about but here it is if you’re a little confused;


S SPECIFIC Is your goal specific or is it a general?
M MEASURABLE Can you measure it? Is there a number on it? How do you know you’ve achieved it?
A ACHIEVABLE Put straight, is it achievable? Can it be done?
R REALISTIC Is it even realistic? Can you really lose 4 stone in the next week? Maybe but I’m not too sure you’ll be all that healthy afterwards
T TIMED When do you want to achieve it by? 6 Weeks? 6 months or 6 years?

Preparation is key my friend!

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #5: Eat Smaller Meals…But More Regularly!

Here’s the good news: You can eat more often….!!

Here’s the bad news: You’ll need to eat less in those meals

You can’t have it both ways I’m afraid.

In the past years I’ve really had to check in with how fast I eat. As a kid I used to gobble up everything on my plate 5 minutes before everyone else had even sat down to start their meal!

It’s probably born out of the fact I wanted to eat fast and get back outside to play.

This type of eating does have its drawbacks of course as you get older. You could eat whole plateful of food that you didn’t even need to eat before your body tells you’re full up.

Before you know it you kneeled over in a ball wondering why you ate so much.

If you really take care of what and how you eat you should be all good. Your gut and more specifically the microbes in your gut are like your favourite Uncle.

When there’s a party everyone else seems to turn but your Uncle? He’s always last to make it to the party – late as usual.

Research suggests that it takes as much as 20 minutes before your body actually registers that you’re full.

So slow down my friend. Sometimes, life is best enjoyed slower pace.


Control Hunger Naturally Tip #6: Never Skip on Sleep

All-nighters were pretty fun as a youngster.

When you’ve got far more responsibility than whether or not you’re going to get home for dinner in time things change however.

Getting good sleep is so important.

It’s not the amount of sleep that you’re looking for (although sometimes it works…!)- it’s the quality of sleep that counts.

If you’re tired, groggy and not thinking straight you’re going to make a whole load of mistakes throughout your day.

I truly believe sleep is foundation for all good health. Don’t get a good night’s sleep and you’ll end up paying for the next day.

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #7: Boredom is Your Enemy




I hate being bored.

And, I’ll bet you have similar feeling on boredom too.

It happens to us all and sometimes it is unavoidable.

But trying to stay active in positive activities will help you avoid the dreaded boredom trap.

“Positive activities? What are they?” I hear you say –  Here’s a few

  • Washing
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Meditating
  • Researching
  • Socialising
  • Exercising

I could go on for ever with that list.

But the point is this;

“as much as you may think you hate something such as washing clothes, try attaching a different emotion to it. Unless you buy new clothes every day we all have to do our clothes washing so while you’re doing it try and at least make it somewhat enjoyable.”

That tiny little bit of advice there is something that I’ve come to notice over the past couple of years.

What’s it got to do with controlling your hunger? Well, have a go, get lost in the moment and come back and ask that question again….

Control Hunger Naturally Tip #8: Fibre is Your Other Friend

Hey, at least you’ve got 2 friends.

Protein and fibre.

If you’ve got a meal packed with protein and fibre all you need now is a healthy dose of carbs and you’ll be pretty much sorted until your next meal.

Here’s something that might help: Paleo for Beginners

It’s hard. I’m not going to lie.

Looking at all these things and saying “Yeah they sound good”

But until you actually give each one enough time to make a decision your just going keep jumping round from technique to technique until one day you might end up back on this page.

Here’s what you can do;

Instead of looking for the ‘best way to control your hunger’ – explore and test yourself a little.

Pick one of the above and start to implement it.

Once you’ve done that for a few weeks see how you feel and if it’s worked then do more of it.

If not then choose something else and try that.

Even if something works. Try something else.

If you know good sleep allows you to make better decisions then keep sleeping well and start looking at staying active throughout the whole day.

Trust me on this one, trying to do too many things all at the same time will overwhelm you, burn you out, send you in a stress-crazed mind-set and ultimately achieve absolutely diddly-squat.

Get comfortable in one thing then move onto the next.

Give yourself a chance. Promise?

Peace out!

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