Burn Fat and Get Fit Using a Jump Rope

Challenge Jump Rope Review Okay so I’m sending this one out a little late, but seeing as I know about Shawna’s great fat loss programs from previous launches, I thought I should get this out to you guys – even if it is Challenge Jump Rope Workoutsslightly too late!

You can grab Challenge Jump Rope here if you’re looking to purchase it.

If however you just want a little background on the product first then read on…..

Who is Shawna Kaminski?

After reviewing her Challenge Fat Loss a few months back I went into a little about who Shawna was, where she came from and how she came to be who she is. But for the sake of this short review I’ll keep it to a few short words!

Shawna Kaminski is the 50 year old bodybuilder who looks years younger than what she actually is. Now I’m not sure whether or not Shawna has got a little tired of the ’50 year-old bodybuilder’ thing – but I will say she does look fantastic.

In-fact I had her comment on the last review here on the blog and I wrote and I emailed her only yesterday to get a quick heads up on the Jump Rope product.

She’s just a genuinely nice girl with good intentions – something this world needs more of!

Anyway enough of the soppyness and more of the review!

What exactly is Challenge Jump Rope?

Challenge Jump Rope is another sub-category under the umbrella of Shawna’s Challenge Workout brand. This year has already seen the release of Challenge Fat Loss which turned out to be a huge success – just as her original Pull-Up Challenge was a year earlier.

This week however, sees a new slant taken on Challenge Workouts – using a jump rope! Challenge Jump Rope combines the power of high intensity interval training with bodyweight strength exercises to burn fat fast. Each workout lasts 15 minutes or less and gives you freedom by allowing you to workout anywhere, anytime.

Challenge Jump Rope Review – What does Challenge Jump Rope consist of?

Again I’ll keep this part of the review short but I’ll do it without leaving any of the important bits out!

I was pretty surprised with this, as I’ve noticed a slight trend with product launches recently. Over the past few months most authors/fitness professionals have been releasing their products but without much substance other than the main product.

Confused? Let me explain quick time – When personal trainer A releases Product X they sell the product and maybe a bonus or two.

Now the product itself should be worth the money you’re shelling out, but it’s nice to have a few other things thrown in as well. At the end of the day you are parting with you’re hard earned cash.

What I’ve seen recently however with previous launches is people just sticking a few PDF’s onto the product to increase the value – even if these ‘bonus’ products have no real substance. Products like ‘Foods For Your Abs’ or ‘The Special Bonus PDF of How Your Legs Should Look’ – People who want to burn fat and ultimately get in shape know what their legs should look like, they don’t need another fluff bonus product telling them – there are thousands of free resources scattered all over the internet showing people what ‘should’ look like and even more articles telling people what foods they should be eating.

In-fact you can search this site and get some great free information that some authors are charging for! What you, as a potenital customer needs, is more information to take action on – meal plans, workouts, exercises different ways to burn fat so that everyone has the knowledge and confidence to go out there and change their body for the better – and that’s exactly what Shawna provides in her new Challenge Jump Rope product.

Here’s what you get;

21 Challenge Jump Rope Workouts – each workout is explained and comes with detailed descriptions and pictures. Each workout last anywhere between 6 minutes and 15 minutes.

10 Jump Rope Finishers – Use these as add-ons to your usual workouts OR simply keep swinging that rope!

31 Jump Rope Videos – Not familiar with any of the exercises? Well Shawna has kindly provided the videos to go with the pictures in the original videos

Bonus 1: 4 Week Bodyweight Challenge Plan – Now that’s what I call a proper bonus!

Bonus 2: Challenge Workout Exercise Library – This allows you to go through all the workouts in the program and then start creating you own workouts.

Now I will admit because I’ve been a bit late with this short review you will have missed the $9 deal that Shawna was having – so for that I am sorry! However you can still get the product for only $10 more. Based on price AND substance I think this is the best fat loss product released this year. That’s taking nothing away from Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers, Dan long Long’s Suspension Revolution OR Craig’s Home Workout Revolution as they are fantastic products. But for the complete unique nature of Challenge Jump Rope and for the fact it’s being sold at such a low price defiantly makes it the best value for money.

I only wanted this to be a short review outlining what exactly Challenge Jump Rope is and to help you guys make a decision on whether or not it’s for you.

I think combining a jump rope with bodyweight exercises is great idea. Not only are you mixing HIIT with strength training but a jump rope certainly weighs a lot less than a dumbell or a kettlebell – so feel free to put it straight into your bag! If you have any questions then leave me message below and I’ll reply within 48 hours.

Click Here for Challenge Jump Rope (limited offer)

Take Care, Keep Focused Chris


  • Valeri

    Reply Reply March 3, 2014

    Much shorter review than your other one’s but I still like it!

    Short and to the point!

    • Chris Sherlock

      Reply Reply March 8, 2014

      haha thanks Valeri! I like to mix them up now and again – even If I have missed release date!

      Keep Focused,


  • Melanie

    Reply Reply March 2, 2014

    how do you download?

    • Chris Sherlock

      Reply Reply March 8, 2014

      Hi Melanie,

      Great question – If you head on over to the main site (link at bottom of the review) you can buy CJR there. Once that’s been confirmed you’ll be taken to the download/confirmation page which is where you can download the PDF.

      Take Care,


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