Challenge Fat Loss Review

Challenge Fat Loss – The Exact Fat Loss Workout I Did Yesterday

Challenge Fat Loss Review

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Challenge Fat Loss

So the other week I sent out an email giving you the exact introductory post I gave to my new clients I work with on a Tuesday afternoon. It gave you all the exact steps to take when you’re first starting out to exercise – in-fact even if you wasn’t a beginner, and you’ve been exercising for years, it still would have provided you some great info.

So let me take you back to my Tuesday afternoon schedule. As you may already know I have 10 clients I work with from 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm in a gym, the next session I have is at 4.15 – which is just across the road on a massive park area with some great views may I add,

So that gives me 1 hour (well probably about 40 minutes after I’ve personally spoke to all my clients to how their feeling and to see if they’ve got any questions.) So what do I fit into that 45 minutes?

A workout of course!

If I’m in a gym, why not use it? Makes sense don’t it?

Anyway, seeing as I haven’t go much time on my hands I need to choose a workout that not fits in the time frame I have available but that’s also incredibly effective.

Now take into consideration I need to get changed into something comfortable before my workout and then have a quick wash and change after my workout, before my next session – let’s say that takes about 10 minutes – now I’m left with 30 minutes.

30 minutes to do an extremely effective workout? Possible? You bet it is.

Here’s the exact workout I used yesterday to keep my body lean (and you won’t believe it’s name!!…)

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest in-between each exercise. Once you have completed the last exercise in the circuit rest 10 seconds. You should keep repeating this until you have completed 4 circuits.

Jump Rope

Wall Sit Stick up


Good Mornings

Get Ups

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

“And how are you feeling today Chris”

….I hear you ask?

Slightly sore! Not because I have an injury but because I know I have worked my muscles well. I might sound weird saying this but I love the afterburn ‘pain’ because I know I have done a great workout.

Anyways, I went and got changed, made the 5 minute walk over to the park – 5 minutes before I was meant to start my next session. Great timing if you ask me.

Now the reason I was able to get that workout in was because It was a workout that lasted less than 20 minutes. I got the workout from Shawna Kaminski’s new fat loss program Challenge Fat Loss.

I bought the program the other day, and I must say I’m pretty blown away with the quality of it. With 16 follow long videos that demonstrate each workout perfectly and an exercise guide to boot you can’t really go wrong.

(by the way the workout above comes with a video as well!)

Shawna’s currently right in the middle of her launch week, so not only can you get it for nearly half the price but if you get it today you’ll be able to pick up her fast action bonus – The 48 hour Challenge Fat Loss Diet – but remember that’s only available for the next 2 days.

You can pick up Challenge Fat Loss here for half price.

There are some great bodyweight workouts included and a great nutrition guide thrown in too.

These day people haven’t got the time to spending hours upon hours exercising – Shawna Kaminski’s Challenge Fat Loss program gives you better results in less time allowing you to spend more time on the more important things in life.

Click here for Challenge Fat Loss

Take Care, Keep Focused, Challenge and DESTROY that fat!


PS – Did I mention you also have the option of picking two packages as well? The CFL 28 Day Challenge Diet and Bodyweight Challenge Package and The CFL Ab & Core Package are available now – choose your package here.

PPS – I have actually written an in-depth review of Challenge Fat Loss which will give a better insight to the workings of CFL.


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