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This is a Challenge Diet Review. If you are looking to buy Challenge Diet click here.

Well, here we are again – Chris has come through late with his review – I apologise! I’ve been busy busy busy recently with work, and updating the blog.

As I have mentioned in a few of my emails over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with the look of the site. I want it to feel comfortable and ‘cosey’ for you guys – so if you have any suggestions drop me an email!main-product-bundle-300x146

The New Year is well and truly under way (at which point do you stop calling it a new year??) and it’s already been an exciting year for some great workout programs.

However today I am here to give you my ‘two-bob’ on the first diet program of 2014.


What is Challenge Diet?

Written and created by Shawna Kaminski, Challenge Diet is based on the Paleo concept. For those of you that are not familiar with the Paleo concept here’s a brief explanation;

The ‘Paleo’ diet (AKA Paleolithic) is based on the presumed ancient diet of the stone age hunter gatherer consisting of unprocessed plants and animals prior to the development of grain based diets that are common today.

The Paleo Diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed raised meats, eggs, vegetables , fruits, roots, nuts and excludes grain, legumes, dairy, refined salt and sugars and processed oils.

I think it’s important to note here that this is NOT a no-carb program which Shawna does remind us of in the main PDF.

I’m always very cautious when it comes to specialized ‘diets’ as they usually involve harming the body somewhere along the line. Also I will admit that because of this I hadn’t really given the Paleo Diet much thought up until recently when I decided to do more research on it. (I’m a personal trainer always learning!)

What I found is that not only does the Paleo concept look very effective but it is also very similar to own diet – all this time and it had a name!

Of course, I do still eat the odd grain or two, and yeah I do have some dairy in my diet. However, the majority of my diet involves eating the same foods the Paleo diet recommends.

Following the Paleo rule, you are given a meals (which you can mix and match) that you will use for 21 days.

Once you have finished the 21 days you are then moved onto the maintenance stage. You are also given a workout and exercise guide, a restaurant guide and finally 53 smoothie recipes.

I’ll go into details on all of the above below.

The Program:

21 Day Step by Step Meal Plan:

This PDF gives us a background on Challenge Diet and how you should use the program. The main manual take you through a few details in nutrition such as food timing and treat meals. After setting the foundations for the program Shawna then gives us our meal choices. These are split into two sections; 1200 Calorie and 1900 calorie – all depending on your physical activity.

Both sections give us breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack choices.

Meals & Recipes:

Simple PDF that gives us the ingredients and cooking instructions for our meals.

Maintenance Plan:

I liked this part of the program. After you’ve finished your initial 21 days you’ll push on through to the Maintenance Plan.

This is probably one of the most important stages in fat loss – consistency. I’ve mentioned it a lot over the past that you must strive for consistency – being healthy and ultimately happier in your life isn’t just a one off goal. It’s a life time commitment.

Support from Shawna

Great addition to the program here. I’ve seen a trend in the industry which slightly leans towards what I mentioned a while back and that’s personal coaching. And although this is not exactly what I was talking about, it’s defiantly a step in the right direction.

Being able to type a couple of words in an email asking a question and getting a personal reply within a couple of hours is a fantastic thing for your motivation. Not only that but if you’re ever unsure about anything you won’t be left in the dark.


Access to Challenge Diet Private Facebook Group

I know some trainers that are charging hefty fees for this sort of service. I think the social support this provides in addition to the personal support you get from Shawna herself causes you to be accountable to three sets of people; Shawna, other Challenge Diet members…and yourself.


Eating out Guide

Small guide to help and guide you through choosing healthy when eating out. Some good information here.

Bonus Products:

As with any of digital product release there are always a few bonuses thrown in. First there’s the Smoothie Book. I’m not a smoothie die-hard, but I have made a few to know there are some combinations of smoothie you defiantly don’t want to drink!

Whether you’re like me or you’re the complete opposite this guide will help you through.

Ground- breaking? No but defiantly a decent bonus

The second bonus is 18 of Shawna best workouts from previous programs.


The main con I would highlight in Challenge Diet would be the lack of pictures in the recipe manual.

If you’re someone who likes to look at the picture of the sausage stir-fry before cooking it (recipe number two) then you’ll have to take the picture yourself!

I’m sure Facebook will love it 😛


The email support from Shawna is a great addition to the program as this allows you to be able to send her a quick message if you need any help. Like I previously mentioned expect to start seeing more of this in 2014.

The other great addition to the program is the Challenge Diet Facebook group. Your mind-set and motivation is ultimately what will make you a winner in your fat loss effort or a loser in your fat loss efforts.

Until recently no-one had been offering a regulated service like this – just all the better now that Shawna’s group’s free 😉


My over-all feeling on Challenge Diet is that’s a good solid program. It doesn’t make any false promises and it certainly doesn’t ask you take any pills.

My personal opinion on the Paleo diet is that it is a great starting point for a beginner and an even better method tom implement for those looking to get those last few pounds burned.

Some people will argue that you should get more grains in your body and they may be right. However if you’re follow the program through to the end using the exact steps and then going back to add a small amount of grain to your diet after– you’ll be fine.

Challenge does however require you to have a positive frame of mind. If you’re someone who has heaps of motivation then keep it going!

If you’re struggling with your motivation (we all do at some point) then the personal support from Shawna and the social support from other Challenge Diet Members will give you that little boost you need.

Not only has Challenge Fat Loss got you covered on nutrition, it’s your wing-man for workouts and the driving force behind your motivation.

You can grab Shawna Kaminski’s Challenge Diet here – Enjoy!

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