Suspension Revolution Review – Dan Long’s Fat Loss Program

Suspension Revolution Review (Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review) This is a Suspension Revolution Review. Suspension Revolution is an exercise and workout program designed by Dan Long. NOTE TO ALL READERS: Dan will be releasing his new and improved Suspension Revolution 2.0 – So if you’re looking for more exercises and more workouts that target muscles that…

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Workout Finishers Review – Mike Whitfield (CTT) Workout Finishers 2.0 Review (EDIT)

Workout Finishers Review EDIT – Please Read….. “Workout Finishers 2.0” The review below is a review of Mike Whitfield’s original program Workout Finishers. Mike has now released a new version called ‘Workout Finishers 2.0’ which you can grab here. I’ve had a little think and I have decided to keep the original review up. But,…

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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review This a Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review, a program designed by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch to increase muscular strength and burn fat. I received an email about this program from a trusted friend the other day, so I decided to have a look to see what the program was offering. If…

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TT Home Workout Revolution Review

Home Workout Revolution Review – Turbulence Training Home Workout

Today I’m giving you a complete in-depth review of Craig Ballantyne’s Home Workout Revolution, so you can see if HWR is for you.  Welcome to my Home Workout Revolution review, a new exercise and workout program designed for those who want to ditch the corporate gyms and start exercising and burning fat from the comfort of their own…

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You Are Your Own Gym Review

This is a ‘You Are Your Own Gym review’. If you are looking for somewhere to buy the book, I would recommend purchasing it from Amazon. Okay, so I don’t normally do anything like this, but with the health and fitness industry starting to lean towards more home workouts and more specifically bodyweight workouts, I…

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