How To Stay on Track With Weight Loss & 6 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Fall Off The Wagon

Some people seem to find it easy. Most however, don’t. How do they stay on track with weight loss? More importantly how do you stay on track with weight loss? Fat loss can be extremely challenging especially if you have a long way to go. Whether it’s 30 pounds or 5 pounds, setting your sights on…

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how to pick a personal trainer

How To Pick The Perfect Trainer

Beware of Cookie Cutter Plans One problem with personal trainers is that some of them take on too many clients at any one time. To deal with this influx, they give out cookie cutter plans that are hard to botch, so that you see results right away, but it may not be the best option…

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Sugar – the Root of All Evil?

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Sugar and the Effects It Can Have on Your Body According to the University of California at Berkeley, the average American consumes around 22-28 teaspoons of sugar a day, with most of that coming from sucrose (table sugar) and high fructose corn syrup. That’s 350-440 extra calories daily with little to…

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Never Quit….Unless You Have To….

Never Quit!   ….Unless you have to. What do I mean by that? Well let me explain. I Mentioned in my last email during the week, that I went and saw ‘The Life of PI 3D’ last weekend with my girlfriend. Personally I thought it was a great film, and if you have the chance, then…

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Yesterday I needed a kick up the backside

I hope you had a great Easter weekend! I spent mine at my girlfriends, as I was our anniversary on Saturday, we went cinema up London, and had something to eat afterwards. I made the journey back to mine yesterday at around 10 am, and by the time I got home I felt pretty down.…

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Half empty of Half Full?

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full? One of the biggest barriers to getting fit and healthy I come across is the person themselves. People really are their own worst enemies. I hear things like; ‘I’m too old to start exercising’ ‘I’ve always been like this – I’ll never change’ ‘My parents never really…

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The Power of Setting Goals

The Power of Setting Goals It’s no secret I’ve said it over and over again, if you want achieve things in your life you must set goals – especially when those goals are big goals. Whether it’s a promotion at work, earning more money or burning fat and getting the body you want – you…

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