Suspension Training Benefits

The Most Versatile Fitness Equipment in The World?

……Maybe…….Just Maybe Strength training has been defined as the primary way for the human body to become stronger and better naturally. There are various ways to train strength but most methods require the use of equipment such as free weights. Free weights, like the popular gym staple barbell, are the most popular choice for strength…

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Suspension Revolution 2.0

Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review – Dan Long – TRX Expert

This is a Suspension Revolution 2.0 review, if you are looking for an in-depth review about SR 2.0 and the author behind it then please read on.    After almost 3 or 4 months of what seemed liked a new fitness launch every week, we’ve had a good few silent weeks. I think the last major…

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Is Suspension Training Effective

Is Suspension Training Effective?

Is Suspension Training Effective? What is suspension training? If you’re tired of the same old machines, barbells and dumbbells, there are different ways to challenge your body to burn fat and build muscle. Remember, the best kind of exercise and diet program is the one that you are most likely to stick to. Sustainability is…

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Suspension Revolution Review – Dan Long’s Fat Loss Program

Suspension Revolution Review (Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review) This is a Suspension Revolution Review. Suspension Revolution is an exercise and workout program designed by Dan Long. NOTE TO ALL READERS: Dan will be releasing his new and improved Suspension Revolution 2.0 – So if you’re looking for more exercises and more workouts that target muscles that…

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