Muffin Top Exercises- Super Effective Stomach Exercises!

Muffin Top Exercises For Men AND Women “Chris, I hate doing sit ups and crunches, what exercises if any, can I do that will target my abdominal area? I’m simply FED UP of boring old muffin top exercises!” Believe it or not I get this question A LOT, so listen up and keep reading because I’ve got some good…

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20 Minute (Hardcore) Gym-Free Workout‏

A lot of people these days are really busy, whether it’s because of the kids, work or other commitments, and it can be quite hard to find time to exercise. It is recommended that everyone should do 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. That’s why I have given you this quick 20 minute workout that…

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A Body-Weight Workout Routine to Make You Sweat Buckets!

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym, so in this post I’m going to give you workout, that you can complete pretty quickly, and involves nothing more than your own body-weight. “The Bodyweight Fat Burner Workout” So, this workout does exactly what it says! It’s a workout which only consists of body-weight exercises, and…

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