10 of The Most Commonly Believed Myths In Fitness

I was reading through a few health and fitness articles the other day and I was surprised at the amount of FLUFF people recommend. What really gets to me is it’s these people who recommend stupid advice, exercise techniques or down right dangerous workout programs that give all of us fitness coaches / personal trainers etc. a bad name.…

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Burn Fat and Get Fit Using a Jump Rope

Challenge Jump Rope Review Okay so I’m sending this one out a little late, but seeing as I know about Shawna’s great fat loss programs from previous launches, I thought I should get this out to you guys – even if it is slightly too late! You can grab Challenge Jump Rope here if you’re…

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HIIT Me Down! (High Intensity Interval Training)

What is HIIT Training? If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground on the fitness front, then you no doubt would have heard a lot about HIIT training in recent times. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and it involves doing a number of short but intense exercise sessions, separated by less intense exercises…

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Suspension Revolution 2.0

Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review – Dan Long – TRX Expert

This is a Suspension Revolution 2.0 review, if you are looking for an in-depth review about SR 2.0 and the author behind it then please read on.    After almost 3 or 4 months of what seemed liked a new fitness launch every week, we’ve had a good few silent weeks. I think the last major…

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How To Burn Fat In Your Sleep

The Afterburn Effect You may be surprised – and happy – to learn that climbing on every bit of cardio equipment you can find isn’t the only way you can successfully burn fat and lose weight. You may also be happy to learn that by using these different types of exercises, you will not only…

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Metabolic Resistance Training With a Twist

  Turbulence Training MRT 2.0 Review It’s no secret, MRT– or metabolic resistance training is something you should be in the know about when it comes to fat loss. Many see Craig Ballantyne as the creator behind MRT with his MRT 2.0 program, but as you will see below, metabolic resistance is something that has…

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Challenge Fat Loss Review

Challenge Fat Loss – The Exact Fat Loss Workout I Did Yesterday

Challenge Fat Loss So the other week I sent out an email giving you the exact introductory post I gave to my new clients I work with on a Tuesday afternoon. It gave you all the exact steps to take when you’re first starting out to exercise – in-fact even if you wasn’t a beginner,…

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