Bodyweight Workout Finisher

Workout Finishers

Workout finishers are a fantastic way to increase the amount of fat your body burns after your session

Bodyweight Workout Finisher

I’ve got a wrist injury 🙁

I’ve always had trouble with my left wrist since I was a kid. It started when I was competing in the long jump county championship back in school – and ever since it comes back to haunt me.

I’m just doing some very light strengthening work – it should be alright soon.


In last weeks post I talked about how you can burn fat in your sleep – IF you do the right sort of workouts….

And the right sort of workout was…..?

Metabolic Resistance Training

So just to recap in-case y you’ve forgotten. Metabolic resistance training is training with resistance, with an elevated heart rate and minimal recovery time.

By performing these kind of workouts you can achieve better results than if you was to do traditional long (boring) cardio… you may have guessed, I hate long cardio.

Not only can you achieve better fat loss results but you’ll also reduce the risk of injury.

Today I want to give you a free workout finisher.

So what’s a workout finisher I hear you say?

Well it’s basically that – a quick workout performed at the end of your original workout.

When you add a workout finisher on to the end of a tough MRT workout you’re maximizing your fat loss efforts – causing you to burn even more fat after you stop exercising.

So here’s how your workout could look;

1. Warm Up

2. Main Session

3. Workout Finisher (OR Mini Challenge)

(More on the Mini Challenge in a later post)

4. Stretching

5. Bodyweight Workout Finisher

Okay so staying with the same trend I’ve been talking about recently, this finisher can be done anywhere anytime – no equipment needed.

You will start off by performing 10 reps of each exercise then rest for 1 minute. You will then perform the exercises again, but this time you will do 9 reps of each one, rest 1 minute, then repeat but do 8 reps, then 7 reps all the way down until you reach 1 rep of each exercise.

Here are the 5 bodyweight exercises;

  1. Wall Squats
  2. Push Ups
  3. Back Extensions
  4. Vertical Jump and Stick
  5. Burpees

Perform those 5 exercises in the format I explained above and you’ll be sweating buckets!

Tip: If you’re running low on time, then the above workout could be used a stand alone workout.

So combine that bodyweight workout finisher with an MRT workout, and you’ll be burning fat for days!

Take Care…Keep Focused….and Train Hard…..But Safe!



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