Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

This a Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review, a program designed by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch to increase muscular strength and burn fat.

I received an email about this program from a trusted friend the other day, so I decided to have a look to see what the program was offering.

If you have been a reader of my blog for sometime, you would know that I have always been a great believer of bodyweight exercises, not just for fat loss but I believe introducing a bodyweight workouts to beginner is a great way to work them into a program.

However, that doesn’t mean more advanced people couldn’t use bodyweight workouts.

Changing your workout routine often is vital to ensure you achieve your goals, and by introducing bodyweight workouts you will be minimizing the risk of hitting the dreaded plateau.

But, can using bodyweight exercises really benefit someone who has been using free weight, and machines all their life? Well, we’ll have a look at that in a second.

Adam and Ryan? Who are they?

Normally I’m used to writing about one author, one person in the videos, one person who has put everything together – this time it was a little different. So I was naturally intrigued to see what these two guys had to offer and what their background was – so off on a search I went!

Adam Steer

Adam has a life-long background of sport. Starting at a young age, Adam played football and hockey, but something that really caught my eye was the fact he has competed at international level for sailing.

Like myself, his love of sport led him into the world of coaching. He first started his coaching career in alpine skiing working with young athletes.

On his travels as a coach, Adam has managed to pick up a range of qualifications both in sports and fitness. However, not only does he continue to grow his knowledge and expertise through certifications, but also through the use of books, seminars, DVD’s and courses.

Ryan Murdoch

Ryan had a similar background growing up. Involved in fitness from 6th grade, Ryan went onto become a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He spent most of his early life combining martial arts with fitness and was involved in releasing DVD series called RMAX Powered Bujinkan.

Ryan has taught fitness seminars across North America and Europe and has also appeared on prime time television. His love for fitness has taken him all over the world from Europe to Mongolia and Tibet back to North America, collecting a few funny stories a long the way.

That’s obviously a very short summary of both of them, but it was by far the hardest ‘about’ section to concise I’ve ever done.

What Is the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

According to the website, The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution system was specifically designed for those are looking to keep fit and burn fat – without the need for equipment.

If you’re someone who find free time hard to come by, spends long days on the move due to work or family commitments, or someone who just doesn’t like the gym environment the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution might be for you.

Adam and Ryan have given you access to the programs that they personally use with their own clients.

So, after reading the program page, I decided it may be something that the readers of this blog might find useful for their own workouts. Without hesitation I went and bought myself copy.

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review – So What Do I Get For My Money?

I was pretty surprised when I actually came to looking at what you are given. I expected an eBook with a few exercises, and maybe a video or two.

Most digital fitness systems contain very little and leave you high and dry when it comes to help.

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Exercises

You a given a detailed description of what each exercise is, what body part it primarily works, and how to perform it properly. You are also given variations for each exercise.

These variations can make a certain exercise easier or harder. So for example let’s take a simple push up. To make it easier you would perform an incline push up, to make it harder you would perform a decline push up.  Each exercise comes with a detailed picture.

5 x 28-Day Workout Program

1.       The Fat Loss Program

As the name suggests, over a period of 28 days, you will use the exercises contained in the eBook to start burning fat.

2.       Muscle Gain Program

Some people are under the misconception that you can’t achieve hypertrophy (the process of muscle building) using bodyweight exercises. Now while, weights and machines do have a place in certain workout programs, bodyweight exercises are a great alternative to lifting weights.

NOTE: Don’t worry if you’re someone who doesn’t want to build masses of muscle. The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is NOT a bodybuilding program.

3.       Strength Building Program

Get stronger, leaner and feel healthier with the Strength Building program.

4.       Longevity  Program

This program focuses more towards increasing the quality of life, and reducing the chances of injury.

5.       General Athleticism Program

This program for more advanced users, and might only appeal to those who currently do some sort of sport. But none-the-less if overall health and wellbeing is your goal then this part of the program is a great addition.

All of the 5 programs use a training method called the ‘4 x 7 periodization’. This method involves training on a 4 day cycle:

Day 1 – No Intensity

Day 2 – Low Intensity

Day 3 – Moderate Intensity

Day 4 – High Intensity

This is then repeated 7 times for a total of 28 days.

Finally you’ve got access to on-going support from both Adam and Ryan themselves.

Does The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Work?

As mentioned above the 4×7 Periodization method involves working at different intensity levels across 4 days. Not only is this a fantastic way of greatly reducing the risk of injuries, but it also gives you the chance to work at a level that works you just enough to achieve great results. Not too much intensity to kill you off you’re feet, but equally enough to work you hard to burn fat.

For those that don’t know, if you train using the same method week-in week-out, you’re eventually going to hit a wall. To put in plain and simple terms, you’re body is going to ‘get used’ to what you’re doing and how you’re training, and will not respond as well, as when it did when you first started. We call this hitting or reaching a plateau.

The solution?

Change the workout.

Using this sort of training will reduce the chances of reaching a plateau.

The Con’s

The main con that I found with this program was the training method. Now yes I did just say a second ago, the 4×7 method does work, and it still does – in-fact it works very well.

The main gripe I have is it can become very tedious. Working out on a four day cycling can become ridiculously boring – especially if you’re looking to go through the full program, from the fat loss program right through to the general athleticism program.

What would I recommend?

Well I would say defiantly use every single program that the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution gives you, but not necessarily one after another.

So for example you could do the 28-day Fat Loss Program, then move onto a 3-day a week MRT program. At the end of 4 weeks doing the MRT workout, you could go back and start the Muscle Gain Program.

-Just an idea to break it up a little.

Another drawback would be the 165 page eBook. Personally I like all my modules and programs to be split into different manuals. That’s just my preference.

Does it reduce the quality of the information inside the eBook?

No, not at all.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review – The Pro’s

So what’s the best thing about this system? Well it has to be the fact you can workout anywhere, anytime.

Being able to achieve results from a hotel room, a bedroom, a back garden, a kitchen is something you can’t beat. Not everyone (including myself) wants to spend hours upon hours in the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, some people love the gym environment. It’s where they sit down, have a drink, share a few stories and have a laugh. Some people love to socialize in the gym. Me? Well, of course I love chatting to people I know, but I go (when I go that is) to the gym to have a workout.

I workout to be able to live my life, to spend as much time as I possibly can doing the things I enjoy. Keeping in shape is a hobby – not a work ethic.

I love the fact I can workout at home, in the park, in the garden and achieve the same results – if not better – than those guys in the gym waffling about yesterday’s news.


Who is the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution For?

Anyone, absolutely anyone. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or someone looking to burn off a few pounds of fat, this program will defiantly help.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution


After making the decision to start this review, I never expected it to run on this long.

Adam and Ryan are genuine guys, who want to see you get results, and with the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution you can achieve your goals.

If you follow along step by step, get yourself familiar with the exercises, and follow their advice you’ll have no problems.

Again, like I mentioned before, you don’t have to follow all five 28 day workout programs one after another, you can change it up a little.

If you put everything together, with the results you will achieve (IF you take action of course) I can say it’s defiantly worth every penny. Both Adam and Ryan have poured their heart and soul into this product, and they’ve done an extremely good job.

So if you’re looking for a product that can get you results then, have a look at the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and see what you think.

You can download Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Here


Take Care, Keep Focused



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