Bodyweight Abs Burner Workout

Running out of idea’s in the gym? Well have no fear Chris Sherlock is here! I’ve been very busy here in London with updating the site for you guys, delivering the healthy eating sessions for the kids of local schools and working with my 1’2’1 clients.

Think a break maybe needed soon! But don’t worry I’ll let ya’l know when I’m leaving (although I’ll probably still find time to sneak off and give you guys some great fat burning tips…but shhhh don’t tell Laura – she won’t be happy!)

Today I have a great workout for you that I know you’ll love. The best thing? You’ll have it done in under 9 minutes – Well if don’t include the bonus workout finisher I have for you as well…yep! I’m being extra nice today 🙂

Now if that’s not fantastic I don’t know what is!

Anyway, if you’re due a workout today then jump on this one and then get on with your day as you normally would!

Bodyweight Abs Burner Workout

Incline Push Ups (20 Seconds)

Bodyweight Squats (20 Seconds)

Jumping Jacks (20 Seconds)

Cross Body Climbers (20 Seconds)

Rest 2 minutes then repeat once more

Then after your second set rest 1 minute and go into..

Side Plank (20 Seconds Each Side)

Mountain Climbers (20 Seconds)

Plank (20 Seconds)

Rest 1 minute then repeat once more

Bonus Workout Finisher

Do the above workout and then use this finisher at the end.

This workout finisher involves increasing the reps on one exercise while decreasing the rep on another.

You will perform 10 reps of exercise A and the immediately perform 1 rep of exercise B, without rest you will then perform 9 reps of exercise A immediately followed by 2 reps of exercise B. You will continue in this format until you have completed 1 rep of exercise A and 10 reps of exercise B.

A)     Push Ups

B)      Bodyweight Squats


That’s me done for today! Enjoy the rest of your day and look out for my Weekend Reading List on Friday, I’ve got some juicy content lined up for ya!

Take Care – Keep Focused & Burn Fat In Under 10 Minutes!!


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