Training Your Mind For Fat Loss

You’re reading this because you want to lose fat. Well before you lose fat you need to change the way you think, you need to train your mind. Training your mind is not as hard as you think. Outside of health, fitness, and sports I have two other passions, that I love learning about. They…

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Goal Setting For Fat Loss – How to set goals to lose fat fast

Goal Setting For Fat Loss Today we’re going to talk about goal setting. I set myself goals in everything I do in life. Without giving myself goals to achieve I would never….ever get anything done! It’s just the way I am! Now when a new client comes to me and says, “Chris, I want to…

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Introduction to Motivation – Getting up off your backside to lose fat!!

10 Tips to get Motivated To Lose Fat Getting motivated to lose fat is for some people (if not most) is the hardest aspect to overcome. You can know everything there is to know about nutrition and exercise, but if you haven’t got the motivation to get up off your backside and put into practice…

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