2 Of The Best Ways To Burn Fat (Seriously Effective Fat Loss)

From London to New York, Brisbane to Munich, people all over the world just like you are constantly on the lookout for the best ways to burn fat by searching the internet, spending their lunch breaks in a new weight loss forum they’ve found or just spending their time worrying about how they’re going to get rid of those love handles they’ve acquired over the years. 

To make things worse, a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of mainstream magazines and websites are simply recommending out of date or downright dangerous exercise routines. 

Unless you spend yourself in the right places (which are few and far between!) you’re never going to burn the amount of fat needed to make you feel motivated to carry on. 

There is of course a better way! and that’s what this post is for. Just for you. 

No more struggling! 

I plan to periodically update this page as I add more content to the site, so make sure you bookmark the page for easy future reference. 

The key to successful fat loss is intensity. Make your workouts intense enough with the right exercises and you’ll burn fat. 

Of course you’ll need to be putting the right food in your mouth, but even with a half-decent diet, with the right intensity you’ll start to burn fat. 

So what are these ways to burn fat? 

1st Way to Burn Fat: Suspension Training

tt suspension trainingSuspension training has become hugely popular in the last few years. It involves using straps and ropes that are tied and suspended over all-most anything (trees, fences, squat racks etc). 

Suspension straps and ropes are particularly effective in stripping down the fat around around your stomach as the nature of a suspension training ‘system’ requires a lot of stabilization from your core. 

Because of this, suspension training might not be the best starting point for a complete beginners. 


  • Can be Used Anywhere: You can literally miss the gym and use it almost anywhere you like
  • Extremely Light: You’ll be able to carry it anywhere with you
  • Fantastic For Your Abs!: You’ll be able to do some great exercises that will help burn fat from your love handles
  • Affordable: Of course there are different brands with different price points but you won’t break the bank!
  • Works Your Muscles Even Harder: Increase the amount of fat you burn in every workout with the increased range of movement a suspension trainer gives you


  • Might Not Be For Complete Beginners

Suspension training is an affordable, lightweight and extremely effective way to burn fat! Want to learn more about suspension training? Click here!

2nd Way To Burn Fat: Battle Rope Training

Heavy Rope Training: Battle RopesBattle ropes, heavy ropes, power ropes…whatever you want to call ’em – are darn effective.

The major positive that battle rope training has over suspension training is that anyone from complete beginner to seasoned professional can use them. 

Battle ropes are long ropes that you can literally ‘slam’ and ‘wave’ all over the place!

Combine battle rope specific exercises with some bodyweight-only exercises and you’ll have the perfect recipe for fat burning. 


  • Lightweight: Again, reletively easy to carry anywhere
  • FUN!: You can’t beat a bit of FUN fat burning!
  • Affordable: There was a time when you couldn’t get a rope for under $100 – thankfully those days are gone!
  • Saves Time: You’ll only need to wave the ropes around for a couple of minutes and you’ll start to feel how effective these little beauties are!


  • If we really want to get picky – there usually heavier than a set of suspension straps – but that’s about it!

Ready to burn some fat with a big SMILE on your face?! Click here to learn more about heavy ropes for fat loss!

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