The ‘After-Food Workout’ – Tough MRT, MCT and MDT Workout

How’s it going?

I got asked a question the other day……

“If I have eaten an enormous amount of food one day because of Christmas, or family get-togethers, what workout would you recommend I do?”

So I sat down and thought about it for a couple of minutes, and came to this conclusion……

A workout that combined all of these 3 different types of training;

1. Metabolic Resistance Training
2. Metabolic Conditioning Training
3. Metabolic Density Training

(I’ll go into more detail on conditioning and density in another email – for now just follow the workout)

Now staying with the trend, the workout involves using just bodyweight exercises.

So we’ll start with a…..

Warm Up

30 seconds for each exercise with no rest in-between exercises.

1 a) Jumping Jacks
1 b) Prisoner Squats
1 c) Stick Ups
1 d) Mountain Climbers
1 e) Arm Crosses

repeat 2 more times.

Move on to MRT Workout……

MRT Workout

Perform both exercise one after the other with no rest

1st Superset

2 a) Close Grip push ups – (1 rep short of failure)
2 a1) Wall Squats – (1 reps short of failure)

1 minute rest – repeat once more

2nd Superset

2 b) Wide Grip Push Ups (1 rep short of failure)
2 b1) Back Extensions (1 rep short of failure)

Move on to MCT workout………

MCT Workout

30 seconds for each exercise. No rest between exercises.


3 A) Push Ups
3 B) Bodyweight Squats
3 C) Burpees

3 D) Cross-Crawl

Rest for 1 minute after circuit. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits.

Move onto MDT workout…….

MDT Workout


20 seconds for each exercise with 10 second rest = 1 round.
Complete all rounds of one exercise before moving onto next

4 A) Burpees (4 rounds)
4 B) Close Grip Push Ups (8 rounds)
4 C) Bodyweight Squats (4 rounds)
4 D) Cross-Crawl (8 rounds)

MDT workout will take 12 minutes to complete.



Workout done!

Serious amount of calories being burnt….and the best thing?

You’l be burning calories for hours 😉

‘Afterbuuuuurn I LOVE you….’


This workout is a pretty tough one, so I would only recommend
it for those who have been working out for sometime.

It defiantly isn’t for someone just starting to exercise.

But don’t worry if you’re a beginner…..

Next week i’ll have the perfect workout for ya…..

… look out for email. 

Take Care, Keep Focused ……and look forward to that afterburn effect 😉

Chris Sherlock

Certified Personal Trainer


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