4 Veg, 2 Nuts and a bit of Meat

Before we go any further I must point out that this is an ‘actionable post’ – in other words, it will require you to take action.

I can provide the steps for you to use as a platform – but I cannot physical make you take those steps.

I can open the door that leads to a better future for you – but I cannot physically push you through that door.

I can give you a very simple exercise to do right now – but I can’t physically make you do it.

Ultimately, it’s down to you.

Online Grocery ‘Shopping’ Technique

Today’s technique involves using online grocery websites. Here in the UK most of major grocery brands have online shopping facilities which allow you to browse their products, add them to your basket and then pay for them to be delivered in a timeframe ‘that suits you’.

‘I’m not quite sure how ‘any time between 8am-4am’ is a time that suits me, but it doesn’t matter as we will not be following through with the order.)

But instead of actually paying for the food you have seen online, you are going to write a small shopping list then take action on that small shopping list.

Here’s what to do;


Step 1: Find one grocery store that is within a short distance to your house.

                If you choose an online grocery too far away then you’re going to be fighting with yourself that extra little bit to do the distance. Anywhere up to 5 miles away should be fine.

Step 2: Browse the food categories and make a list of 10 foods you are going to buy

                Using the 80/20 rule works well here – 80% good food to 20% not so good. I think it’s important to note here quickly, that ‘not so good food’ doesn’t mean go out and buy yourself two of the biggest cheesecakes you can find – you’re an adult you know what’s right and what’s wrong……trust your instinct, it has a funny way of guiding you in the right direction.

                As we are aiming for 10 things 80% would obviously be 8 different foods. Pick 4 vegetables, 2 packets of nuts and 2 different bits of meat.

                So you list may look something like this;picresized_th_1405879900_4 Veg

a)      Packet of Peppers

b)      Packet of Tomatoes

c)       Some Asparagus stalks

d)      A Head of broccoli

e)      Packet of unsalted pitstaios

f)       Packet of unslated cashews

g)      Tray of 2 chicken breats

h)      Small tray of Turkey Mince

Now your 20% should consist of something that complements your chicken and/ or turkey mince. Choose a sauce and / or something else that compliments the meals well.


The time you spend searching on the internet for what exact foods you are going to buy should be the time you do your thinking. This is the time you should be ‘umming and ahhing’. As soon as you leave the house to get the bits you have listed you will be focused on getting exactly what is on that list.

Step 3: Take action

Once you are happy with your list it is now time for you to take action. This is the most important step. Planning is essential to success, but it means nothing without action. One can’t work without the other.

As you have done all the preparation work at home sitting down at the laptop you should be laser focused on what food’s you are going out to get.

What this technique does

By using the online shopping feature to write your 10 items down, you have already trained your mind NOT to think about picking up a packet of fries say, or a massive box of cheesecake. You have done all the thinking at home – which allows you greatly reduce the chances of you making an impulse purchase.

Using the online shopping feature gets you focused.

You goal is 10 items using the structure above. Once you have found those 10 items you have reached you’re first milestone.

Once you have got up and walked out your front door and made the journey to the grocery store you have completed another goal – now you have very little choice but to go shopping. But, you’re not over the finishing line yet!

As you look at the first item on your list stay focused. Move onto the second, then the third, fourth and so on until you have all 10 items.

If you have planned your list properly and stayed focused on solely buying all the items on that list you should have very little problem with completing these goals – remember you’ve done all the thinking in the planning. Now you’re just taking action the steps you have created.

When you get home the final part is of course is actually eating the food.


This technique is especially great for buying your lunch for the week. You’ll easily have enough food there to last you 3 or 4 days maybe even 5, and best thing of all you can get all the things on the list for under £20 / $30.


Extra Bonus Tip:

Look for the food in the reduced section. There’s been many occasion I have managed to pick up most of the foods on that list for a very cheap price.


Taking action on these small steps and completing mini goals along the way will push you in the exact direction you need to go.

By using the online shopping feature you are letting your brain do the thinking while no money is involved. This gets you focused, and greatly minimises the chance of you making the wrong choices when you get to the shop.

So get a pen, a piece of paper and find your 4 veg, 2 nuts and a bit of meat!

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